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Thread: Te Theory

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    Default Te Theory

    This video looks at some of the theory behind Te.

    What do you guys think?

    What are your experiences with TJs?

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    It seems like a good, concise introduction to the subject. The idea of one or two functions having the monopoly on objective reality might seem offending to some, so maybe Te could be called evidence-based instead.

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    The problem as I see it is that this isn't so much theory as it's a fluffy description of Te and doesn't go into depth what Te really is about or how it truly works in an individual. So we get Te is about efficiency, but how does this appear in a person's worldview and how is this contrasted to Fi? How does Fi back up Te and vice versa? What happens when the ego takes on a Te attitude? and so on.

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    I think the content is great (as an intro, of course), and I love the use of images - but it makes me laugh that it's clearly presented in a Ti format!

    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu
    The idea of one or two functions having the monopoly on objective reality might seem offending to some, so maybe Te could be called evidence-based instead.
    Good point, and as a non-T I appreciate the consideration! Though at least personally, I don't find it offensive or untrue. I definitely do use Te to assess objective external reality; I just don't prioritize it as highly as the subjective.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doctorjuice
    What are your experiences with TJs?
    I generally agree with TJ impressions and easily understand their general functioning. I typically also agree with the overall way they would like to see things proceed. However, I often disagree with TJ prioritization. I'm wired to start with broad, feeling-based dreams, and then to structure Te objectives to achieve those dreams, but I get frustrated when achieving the objectives seems to supersede the bigger-picture point (generally with STJs) or when achieving the objectives takes precedence over ability to enjoy the process and result (generally with NTJs). I tend to get along well with TJs IRL, though especially at work I appreciate it if they enlist F types to help them see what people factors they might be missing.

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