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Thread: The meaning and consequence of Cognitive Preference....

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    Default The meaning and consequence of Cognitive Preference....

    I preface this question with a quick disclaimer that its probably a retarded and pointless one, (mind you I'm a tired INFP who's a bit depressed and frustrated). Having said this I want some clarification regarding the meaning of a cognitive preference....

    As I understand it, cognitive preference isn't to be likened to ability as in I.Q. In this respect it doesn't define the degree to which you're able to effectively use a particular function. Instead the cognitive preferences that define your type simply state what cognitive functions you innately prefer utilizing most often, right? Generally, while we are best at those functions we use often, is it correct to say this isn't always the case?

    In other words is it possible for people to learn to develop an effective usage of those functions the MBTI states that are weak at? Could I ever be effective at thinking or sensing, or will I forever suck at these things as an INFP?

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    Yes and no. It's better to call it cognitive bias because it is. Jung wrote that in order to survive in the world, our ego is going to assume a certain way to understand the world which we call the ego base function. This is the function the ego prefers in order to understand the world. Cognitive bias therefore only denotes bias, not development. While we can build proficiency over time different individuals will be more proficient than others just like with everything else. Just because I like doing something it doesn't mean I must be good at doing it. The dominant function is just that,; it's dominant.

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    Yes you can develop your thinking and feeling, not only can but should. Most likely than not what ever is bothering you has something to do with having too strong preference over F and N than T S.

    The basic idea is that you naturally get good at things which you train, by using F and N you train them and get good at them. But when situation would go better if there were more weight put on T S, but you are using N F because its what you know how to do, it leads to all sorts of shit.

    The hard thing is to go against what your preferred F and N tell you and knowing when to go againdt them with T S and when its not that good idea.
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    Thanks for the clarifications. I've studied typology simply from the standpoint of self understanding. As I've delved deeper into it, I'm finding its helped in my relationships as well. The idea that these functions exist as ego based biases makes sense. I do see these preferences as innate and stable across time in my life.

    The reason i ask is Ive noticed in typology discussions like these on the Internet, this one vital caveat is often forgotten. MBTI type discussions often come with sweeping characterizations that a particular type is "such and such a way". While certainly not untrue comments in and of themselves, it seems vital to note that these generalizations are based on an egoic bias towards certain cognitive processes over others.

    This seems vital to me in that the story of an individuals development only starts with this typology as a generalized food log of what crap my ego feeds my brain. It's up to me what I do with this information...

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