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Thread: Enthusiasm: Do you like it? Type related?

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    Default Enthusiasm: Do you like it? Type related?

    What's your take on enthusiasm? Is it bad? Is it good? How do different types use it? Do some types not like it at all?

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    Absolutely I love it. Infact, it annoys me endlessly when people are stoic and apathetic at things like concerts.

    Apathy really annoys the shit out of me. Showing enthusiasm is a beautiful thing, and I love it and I love seeing it in others. It wears a lot better on people than indifference.
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    There are people who can "pour cold water on my burning enthusiasm."

    I don't talk to these people very often.

    Otherwise I don't really care if someone is apathetic. Usually means they're in the wrong place.

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    I appreciate passion in all forms. "Enthusiasm" generally rings false with me.
    With that said: An excess of "passion" or "enthusiasm" taxes my introversion.

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    Could you equate enthusiasm to inspiration? The first presupposes the second though. Of course an "inspiration" in my mind is more of an insight and that insight isn't always something I care to act upon. Enthusiasm from others is sometimes needed to coerce me, but I can be rather hard to sway when someone is forcing their excitement onto me.

    As for enthusiasm toward an idea: I find myself withdrawing and reflecting instead of wishing to share it or spread whatever it may be. It is something profound that keeps me grounded and almost contents and assures me of my path. I use insights as a gauge on whether or not I am following a right course of action, as I find it a leap of logic that actually pans out without the laborious steps. Taking that inch and making it a mile.

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    I think it's good. I try and emulate it because it shows that I care. I think the same reasoning applies to others, though it's probably more natural and less thought-out for more extroverted types. It's hard to keep up, though. Sometimes I wish people would take my word for it, even when I'm not outwardly or obviously enthusiastic.

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    For the most part I like it. People doing things they really enjoy or care about, that positive energy can be contagious - in a good way.

    I have been annoyed by certain people's enthusiasm. Can't quite place my finger on why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Sticks View Post
    What's your take on enthusiasm? Is it bad? Is it good? How do different types use it? Do some types not like it at all?

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    Real, true, genuine enthusiasm I am a fan of. When someone is going overboard and it just reeks of being fake I don't like it.

    For the most part, I'm not a very excitable person. However, there are a handful of things that will shatter my calm and collected manner and manage to bring out my enthusiastic side.

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    I like it in others and find it an attractive trait. I can be excitable and like when others are a catalyst for that.

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