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Thread: ISFJ or ESFJ? Or...?

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    Default ISFJ or ESFJ? Or...?

    I've been with two chicks that I'm pretty sure were XSFJs, but it's hard for me to know the difference between an extravert and an introvert when Fe is involved. I have also considered that #2 could be an XSFP. Actually, if you could, ignore my guesses and just let me know what you think.

    -Would frequently spend money on me and pretty much anyone to gain their favor.
    -Was kind of a tool.
    -Very organized and a little materialistic.
    -Seemed obsessed with interaction, but was quiet and shy and submissive.
    -Would often need time to herself, but seemed to adopt a sort of 'party girl' persona, seemingly to appease others and appear fun.
    -Kind of a martyr.
    -Seemed desperate for attention, approval and belonging to some sort of group.
    -Was secretly competetive, but not a sore loser like me.
    -Let anyone use her as their own personal therapist.
    -Was surprisingly faithful and devoted.
    -With me she seemed quite introverted, but I wonder if she just acted the way she thought I wanted her to act? I have seen her around certain people though and put on this disgusting show of bubbly energy that just seemed fake, but maybe that was real.
    -She reminded me of Meg from Family Guy.

    -Was usually content to listen rather than talk. Always tried to give advice that was generally ridiculous.
    -Had to go out every night.
    -Often contradictory and argumentative.
    -Quite sure of herself, though her logic was usually flawed.
    -More street smart than book smart.
    -Rather maternal. Also nagging.
    -Could be confrontational. There were times when I would let people walk all over me (e.g. using my apartment as their personal party space) and she would have to tell them off because I didn't want to be rude.
    -Always knew where everything was. Even/particularly my stuff.
    -Her room was not exactly tidy (though more cluttered than messy), mostly because she owned more clothes than she knew what to do with. Always talked about getting rid of some but couldn't do it. When she was in MY room however, the mess seemed to bother her and she'd always pick up my stuff and fold my laundry. I'm not sure if the mess really bothered her or she just liked to do stuff for me.
    -Seemed to fixate on the past, but generally had little self control or regard for the future.
    -Hard worker.
    -Not exactly faithful, though she gave me the impression that she literally couldn't help herself. If I so much as glanced at another female in her presence, she would give me the silent treatment for not long enough.
    -Seemed really sure that things were a certain way. Stubborn.
    -Very emotional and clingy.
    -With me, quite passive aggressive.
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    Most of the characteristics you described under #1 aren't type-related, but I have a hunch that #2 is ENTJ. They're much more empathic and emotional than people realize. The description reminds me a lot of my ENTJ friend.

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