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Thread: Xe/Xi & social behavior

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    Question Xe/Xi & social behavior

    is the I/E orientation of the functions meaningful in terms of social behavior - and therefore in their location for introverts/extroverts personalities - or are we simply over extending literary metaphors for the behavior of the function?

    how does Ne, Se, Fe & Te actually relate to "getting charged by social energy"?

    how doe Ni, Si, Fi & Ti actually relate to "getting charged when your alone"?

    is Si/Se really related to social attitude, or are we simply saying that Se is "outside" while Si is "inside"?
    what about Ni/Ne? are we simply saying that one is "concentrated" while the other is "all over the place"?
    and Ti/Te? are we taking "bottom up" and "top down" to mean anything in regards to socializing?
    Fe stems from the "others" and Fi from the "self", but do they actually related to wanting to be with others?

    bottom line: is there substance to the I/E connection, or are we just getting stuck on metaphors?

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    Anew Leaf


    Hmm, well, I know that I actually get very energized when I am able to converse with other Ne-ers. My energy level after a party wherein I don't get to bond with another Ne-er... is very low, and I typically drive home with no radio on. Conversely, if I was able to spend time with someone playing a lot of Ne Reindeer games... I am all charged up and happy. (Christmas party with family members, very few of whom are Ne dom or aux... was extremely draining and boring for me. Party with a lot of NP friends was extremely fun and energizing. I spent 4 hours talking nonstop to two ENTPs and an INTP.)

    When I want to idea generate, I always need to start with just one thing, and from there I can go until the earth explodes. A lot of times I need to externalize the thoughts by speaking aloud or talking to someone about them, and then I am fine on my own. Whatever the case is, there is always some external component to my use of these things.

    In contrast Fi is something I tend to keep to myself only. If I externalize it, it's usually in a form that no one else will see... or if they do, I am very protective of it in the sense that I don't want to be contradicted or told I am wrong.

    I don't know if this is really answering anything you said, or if I am just regurgitating the same old same old, but here is my post. Done.

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    I get energized from one-on-one interactions, small group interactions and getting my Ti on alone. I also get energized by talking to you lot on the forum or in ventrillo; I'm much more energetic online than I am in person. In general, I'm very excitable and bouncy in private and in the public eye I'm aloof and decisive.

    Large groups make me anxious and I don't like being around people I don't know very well. Huge, active crowds like those at concerts or dances will throw me into a panic attack. It's like a sensory overload and I can't deal.

    I need to identify with the people I'm talking to in some degree in order to feel energized from our interactions. Maybe @Saturned is onto something in saying she needs her Ne reindeer games. The people I feel the most energized talking to tend to be either Ni or Ti doms. Fi and Te in particular tend to deplete me or make me anxious.
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    I am energized by staying home, daydreaming in the morning, watching fantasy tv once a week, reading a book, talking to my cat, harassing my intj friend, and reading grumpy cat memes.
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