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Thread: Is this Si, Ti, or something else?

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    Default Is this Si, Ti, or something else?

    When somebody asks me a question or I try to contribute to a discussion... I often feel there is a bit of "retrieval" of data, like I first turn inwards to try find something I can use to relate to the conversation. It's like this question is asked, but it's invisible, I don't hear it: "What have you been told, experienced, that relates to the subject matter at hand?"

    • Is this Si? It involves recalling past experiences and what I know I know.
    • However this kind of data retrieval, like in and then out, I have heard directly related to Ti (woah... insight out of freaking NOWHERE on the subject while typing that mid sentence, now I think I know how Si and Ti are diffent. Ti constructs the logic in your head in real time, hence the internal retrival feeling, as you "pull out/generate" the logic to fit a situation, meanwhile Si just calls up the data without doing anything with it. Does that sound plausible? I can't say why I think it does, like what thought prompted me, but on paper it all seems logical.)
    • I think I have high Ne too, so maybe (devil's advocate), I could just be drawing extra outward conclusions and not even noticing it. I can see how Si and Ne complement each other so well, and I have heard it from others too.

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    Si is not recalling of data or stuff like that. Sensation, both introverted and extraverted are sensory perception. The difference is that with extraverted sensing, the intensity of the object perceived is the decisive factor in whether to consciously perceive it or not and whether it is important or not. With introverted sensation, the intensity of the subjective contents which the sensory perception evokes in you, is the decisive factor on deciding whether the perception has any importance or not.

    Thinking defines these perceptions, while sensing tells you that something is, thinking tells you what the thing is(and also does the same thing with other perceptions, such as perceptions of memories, intuitions etc) and does so with the means of logic. Extraverted thinking does this by using definitions and logic "borrowed" from the external world, like what you teacher told you in school etc. Introverted thinking does this by using subjective logic, which is more like deducing what that thing is and only uses "borrowed" logic if that has been reviewed from the subjective point of view and is seen as logical by the person.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
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    I have heard Si is about recalling based on a lot sensory detail. But I am not going to disagree with that you said either since I can see how you differentiate it too. That's a new angle. This is a he said, she said!

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