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Thread: Type 5's how do you deal with your anxiety?

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    Default Type 5's how do you deal with your anxiety?

    I have read that type 5's are the type most prone to anxiety what are some ways you do to cope with it or keep yourself in check?

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    Exercise- helps my body relax and my mind. Especially things like running, yoga and rollerblading that let me meditate and get into a rhythm.

    Jokes - about the situation or anything
    Music- again getting out of my mind as into a different rhythm

    Hanging out with my best bud which mostly involves doing stupid but fun stuff.

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    As a 4w5 INFP, I guess my Ne or Te, can alleviate a lot of stress.

    But music is more like accepting anxiety than handling anxiety. I still have anxiety, it's just that I recognized it and don't see a problem with it overall.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with having anxiety, it's one of those things you should be more worried if you don't have it. Limitations/fears keep society from crumbling apart whether people like that idea or not. I guess that doesn't mean it's all sour grapes either, it makes good music, and good music drives people.

    Well this is something I've learnt at least... hopefully aha.
    I'm a INFP - The sociopath

    I think I'm either a 4w5, 4w3, 6w5 or 9w1. Most possibly 4w5.

    Feeling FiNe

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    Haha I made a similar thread. . It might be helpful since you are a head type after all.

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