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    43 55.84%
  • NF Crybaby

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  • SJ Guardian

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  • Athenian

    11 14.29%
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    I think it would help us to remember that flirting a lot =/= flirting well.

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    For me I gots to say SP cause they’re obvious, not saying they're gonna get any results but subtle goes over my INTness filled head so they’re the only ones I notice trying

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    Quote Originally Posted by IF3157 View Post
    I think it would help us to remember that flirting a lot =/= flirting well.
    Excellent point!!!

    I would take this point even further and say: I think it depends on what you think is attractive in a flirting situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonlit_reveries View Post
    I'm surprised no one has said ESFP yet. Maybe they are the most flirtatious of the types rather than the best flirts? But for me personally, charm is the best way to lure me in and from my experience ESFP flirting has tons of that. I'm a sucker for SFP and to some extent NFP flirting

    Yep. It all has to do with how natural it seems. There's nothing awkward about them, and it makes me less anxious about flirting back. I end up letting my guard down more easily when the flirtation is direct and humorous, which tends to be the ESFP style, and I find myself reacting to it by letting go of some of my shyness. Sexual situations are likely the same, since feeling psychologically at ease with a person makes arousal more possible.

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