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Thread: Functions and Memory

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    Default Functions and Memory

    Is preference of function use indicative of poor or good memory?

    ie: I am entp and I have incredible lapses of memory involving details, such as names. True to most entp's, or simply true to the individual?

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    I don't think it's really function related.

    People usually relate good memory with Si. But I can say based on people I know and myself that some Si-doms/ auxs have terrible memories, and I have a really good memory, being a Ni-dom, having Si as my last preferred function...

    It's tricky.

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    It's not function related. I've met those of same type where one person has very poor memory and another has excellent memory. Memory is mostly genetic and some of it is environmental (nutrition and sleep patterns will influence it).

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    I believe functions do play into the types of memory people can be skilled or unskilled at.

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    Not sure if there are function trends in quality or quantity of memory, but I would expect what is remembered to be somewhat affected by the functions (i.e. more conscious Se=more holistic recall, more conscious Si=more individualized recall)

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    Im afraid my memory barely functions so I have no idea what function would go with my memory.
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