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  • NTP yes

    12 20.00%
  • NTJ yes

    4 6.67%
  • NFP yes

    15 25.00%
  • NFJ yes

    7 11.67%
  • STP yes

    3 5.00%
  • STJ yes

    0 0%
  • SFP yes

    2 3.33%
  • SFJ yes

    0 0%
  • NTP no

    3 5.00%
  • NTJ no

    4 6.67%
  • NFP no

    6 10.00%
  • NFJ no

    3 5.00%
  • STP no

    0 0%
  • STJ no

    0 0%
  • SFP no

    1 1.67%
  • SFJ no

    0 0%
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    I hit my math wall at calculus two.
    Also, trig was awful.

    But, the simple stuff, that's, umm, simple.

    I remember I could multiply any two digit number by any other two digit number in my head in a matter of seconds.

    And I discovered a lot the matrix theories on my own when I took the class.

    It's funny, there's a good chance I change my major to math, and only get a minor in biology, along with a degree in philosophy. It'll delay graduation for a year or longer, and it's a "good enough excuse". Why rush through it? I'll only be 24...and it's not like I'm not going to grad school afterwards anyway.
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    As good as I have to be at it.
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    I'm not Trunks
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    The word of Math made me think of number, and the word of number made me think of money, I like counting money too. I believe everyone use calculator to settle math problem, even professor use it too..

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    Reasonably. I was good at maths at school. I just always found it boring.
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    Math has always been intuitive to me. I can't really explain why but I always simply "understood" what was happening. My knowledge of formulas and theorems has been decidedly poor as I so rarely needed them even on the specially crafted problems to teach them to us. Working in groups on a problem is interesting as I will often see how the problem is intended to be solved and just give a framework solution and ask the group to put in the correct formulas, or theorems that allow me to make certain steps. I know intellectually that I should pay attention to the specifics because what formulas I do remember tend to enable so much; and yet I still glaze over while learning them. I believe part of it is the difference in speed. When I just read straight form a textbook I tend to pick up and memorize the material in the amount of time it takes for me to just read through it. The classroom setting adds so much extra fluff that doesn't actually aid my learning that I over-complicate the issue and end up learning very little.

    I suspect most of my ability in math is from how often I use it in my general life. I apply stuff I learn in school to my analysis almost immediately and this extra time I spend with the material ends up making the knowledge automatic.
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    I don't know, I would put myself in between usually. There are certainly enough people who do better than me, but I would say I am still getting along better than the majority of people I know (well, the majority of people I know seem to have a lot of trouble in mathematics...). Mathematics play also a decent role in my study. So I guess I will vote "yes", although I feel that is maybe a bit too much said.

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    I've painted the bernoulli inequation on my wall in our new apartment.
    You can use it to converge exponents between 0 and 1 against zero for all real bases. I like it cause its an inequation with which you can solve an otherwise unsolvable equation. Has some sort of metaphorical wisdom in it.

    Do you think thats nerdy ? My gf laughed her ass off :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    I've painted the bernoulli inequation on my wall in our new apartment.
    You can use it to converge exponents between 0 and 1 against zero for all real bases. I like it cause its an inequation with which you can solve an otherwise unsolvable equation. Has some sort of metaphorical wisdom in it.

    Do you think thats nerdy ? My gf laughed her ass off :/
    I think it's pretty good actually. Although im more jealous than anything, I find it hard to reconcile my maths skills, (or lack thereof), with the world around me.

    But I will reiterate my point which is that of a slightly child frustrated with his pathetic and unimportant failures..but still: So much of the world runs on maths. It is a bias towards those who seem to possess an inherency or at least an enviroment that encouraged skills in mathmatics.

    Ive always found that a massive struggle in day to day life, the amount of jobs, (potential and actually employed), it has cost me makes me actually lothe the systems it uses somewhat. But the world isn't ready to change yet, the tides arent set for system warps as far as I can tell.

    So ill just have to grind my teeth and limp on....subservient to a world in which I have no stake nor talent.

    I ought to add however that this does not mean I have given up, I will continue to train my weaker sides and when I go shopping I will continue to force myself to workout the total in my head of what ive bought and balance it with my budget before I get to the counter.
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