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Thread: ISTJ man's reaction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    I would appreciate her not getting hurt for my sake. Confused now about how to proceed...

    As I've said several times recently (apologize to repeat readers), I feel a lot more than I show, yes; even when I think I'm showing how I feel, it's often barely seen.
    Thank you for your reply. Why is that do you think? Or do you even know yourself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomings View Post
    Thank you for your reply. Why is that do you think? Or do you even know yourself?
    Don't really know, it just ends up happening. It could probably be avoided if I were just way more flamboyant with my emotions and just unleash them...but then we'd end up talking about new issues in exchange for the old ones...
    The point is that I can't avoid it much, because it's reflexive.
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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