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Thread: Personal Perceptions of Cognitive Functions

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    Default Personal Perceptions of Cognitive Functions

    I'm starting this thread because I was thinking on how other people seem to see INFPs as soft and fluffy, and I tend to see them as somewhat whipcord rigid. I think what I'm doing is picking up on the Fi, which to me seems more like a rigid structure. I was wondering if anybody else made similar associations when typing others.

    I often associate Se with either being hyper distracted, or a dreamy kind of merging into the environment.

    Ni manifests to me as some sort of incomprehensible mental knotwork. Like little wormholes in mental space.

    Ne manifests to me as a dancing mental agility.

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    I don't see infps as soft and fluffy at all. They're like a Tim button movie.
    I see se as sensual
    Ni is the all knowing oracle
    And fe is all school teachery
    Ne is like an acid trip

    Actually I didn't plan on doing all of those maybe I'll edit after coffee
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