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Thread: Elfboy's Fi vs Fe test

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    1) A
    2) B
    3) Unsure
    4) A (I'm good at it, but I don't like to.)
    5) B
    6) A
    7) A
    8) A (But it's complicated.
    9) B

    Five for Fe, three for Fi. Interesting.

    To be honest, Fe is something I've learned to develop. It's not innately strong in me. Fi was natural from pretty early on, and Ne followed soon after. Because of life experience and external demand, I've learned to nourish my Fe. I've really watched it blossom. I wish I'd been more into type a couple years ago. I tested consistently INFP. If you'd told me about Fi, I would have nodded vigorously in agreement. Fe, was something I longed for wistfully, but never seemed to quite have. Even now, after I've grown my Fe, it still has a Fi motive behind it.
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    1) my feelings are easy to describe in words (conversationally, not in writing)
    a) often
    b) not often, but more so in writing

    2) I empathize with people by
    a) taking on their feelings as my own
    b) thinking about how I would feel in that situation or drawing from experience of how I've felt in that situation in the past

    3) my emotions show a lot on my face
    a) YES!
    b) not usually

    4) I am good at tailoring my behaviors and demeanor to various social situations
    a) yes, unless I am with a really mean spirited group of people
    b) no

    5) I place higher priority in
    a) unity, team work, external harmony
    b) self expression, internal harmony

    6) my feelings come from
    a) my heart
    b) my gut

    7) I care more about
    a) how a decision will effect people's feelings and well being
    b) the principle of the matter.

    8) the external world has a strong impact on my feelings
    a) yes. I am adaptable, but also easily effected
    b) no, though I tend to gravitate toward places with a similar vibe to how I already feel

    9) my beliefs come more from
    a) how I was raised, community values, how things effect people
    b) myself. even from a young age, I've always had strong views that sometimes differed from what I was taught. I can't really explain it, they were just "there"

    more A's: Fe
    more B's: Fi
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    The general idea should still apply to T-types, right?

    1) b not often. writing helps.
    2) not sure.
    3) b not unless i'm really comfortable.
    4) a goes along with 3.
    5) no pref. answer depends on the specific situation.
    6) b
    7) b is this really an Fi answer?
    8) a
    9) b

    2 for Fe and 5 for Fi. Either I need to start reconsidering my type (don't feel like it atm) or something's iffy with this one.

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