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Thread: The Surprising Strengths of Perceivers

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    I definitely relate to this. My ISTJ and ISFJ parents try to force J methods on me though, and they don't understand that my ways aren't necessarily "being lazy"--they're just my natural ways of functioning that work best for me. Usually these J methods don't really help me and aren't necessary. It gets very frustrating at times.

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    I was so glad to read this! It's really refreshing to see my working style not being cast in a purely negative light for once. I wish that I'd been wise to this at university. If I had been, I'm sure I would have been happier and more productive than I was when I spent all my time feeling like a chaotic failure by believing that the Only Right Way was the Je approach, and my failure to stick to or thrive on this clearly meant I was just lazy and rubbish. I've done some of my best work at the last minute. It's why I've always preferred exams to coursework - you get psyched up, it's a BATTLE and then it's over. Really relate to the adrenaline kick thing. When things go wrong at the last minute, other people often seem to panic and flounder, whereas I find myself galvanised. All my procrastination and faffing drops away and I become a hyper-efficient prioritising solution-spewing Fix-It Machine. Kind of makes me attracted to high-stress jobs where I'd get to blitz problems and then move on to the next ones. I wish I could live like that all the time. Sadly my natural laziness makes me unwilling to implement the kind of structure (eg deadlines) that's required for that last-minute burst to be triggered. I need to work on that.
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