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Thread: Intuitives: Do you hate searching for things in your outer surroundings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glycerine View Post
    I suck at noticing my surrounding but I am highly aware of my body. i have been known to walk into men's bathrooms and use them because I look straight ahead but didn't really pay attention to the signs (i think it's happened twice....yeah). I didn't even the see the urinals.... I just noticed that the layout and color seemed off.
    Same here. I'm far more attentive to feelings in my body then to my immediate surroundings. I think because I have stronger Si than Se. I've also on occasion walked into men's bathrooms.
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    Yeah that's sort of true. If it doesn't offer anything my Ne can bounce off searching for things gets boring. I lost my car keys once in apile of grass, only offered something for a Se dom to enjoy .

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