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Thread: Mourning & Personality Type: how different types go trough it.

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    I'm new here and enjoy reading threads to get to know the other people before I choose to reveal information about myself. Not that I don't want to talk about my perspectives, but that I was under the impression that it would be kind of rude to talk about it without being asked, or not knowing the people well enough. That may not be the same excuse for curiousel, but maybe you guys are kinda jumping the gun. I don't see why it matters anyway, you can choose to ignore a post if that's what you want. Not trying to start an argument or anything, I just don't really understand why people are against this person.

    So let's see, I'm pretty positive I am an INTP, though at times it seems I do use Fi to make decisions, but it is rare. As an INTP I still mourn for those close to me, and can be affected by it for years after, especially if you pass by a place where you have memories of them doing their daily things, or see a show or something that they would be laughing at if they were still here. It can be sad, but I remind myself that it's mostly my own selfish desires to wish that they were still alive again so we could continue sharing experiences together.

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    I agree with the others on this thread -- though I would use a different metaphor. Actually, it isn't a metaphor at all.

    By joining the forum, you're joining a community. Community members both give, and take. You have to earn your keep, or else people won't like you; keep in mind this community is made up of real people, with real feelings, and those people put a lot of effort into answering the questions in your threads. (There's also the fact that, like whatever said, most of the threads in your case are "How is X related to MBTI?" -- which gets monotonous. Just like in real life, when you join a community with only one thing to talk about, people get bored and kind of irritated.)

    This isn't to say that your contributions aren't welcome. In fact, what I'm saying is that the forum would LOVE more of your contributions. We would love for you to actually join the community, to actually be a part of it. To join more conversations than you start. It'll show us that you actually care about the community, and we won't feel like you're using us for your own personal gain.
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