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Thread: How well do these systems actually describe you?

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    Default How well do these systems actually describe you?

    Inspired by this thing.

    Which systems peg you pretty well? Which ones don't? Why do you think that is?

    My signature roughly lists the systems in the order that I think they fit me. Key systems, in order, are:
    • Big Five (primary is Open; also agreeable, calm, ambiverted, middle-high conscientious)
    • Enneagram (5, probably 5w6, etc.)
    • MBTI (definite intuition-dominant; INFJ, ENFP, or ENTP, really, depending on mood)
    • APS (extension to classic temperament)
    • Socionics (ENFP, but with tons and tons of grains of salt with the little details in the system)
    • Classic temperament (who knows!?)

    The classical temperament system is the worst fit overall; all four types fit me pretty readily at given moments in time, and the system doesn't quite capture "Openness" or "Intuition" which is my primary trait. The Enneagram and others fare much better in picking a crisp, clear type for me, and the Big Five traits are pretty static for me.

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    MBTI fits mostly well I guess. With Enneagram I have big trouble, I cannot pick the fitting type for me and could see myself to some degree in at least half of them. Classical temperament is long time ago that I looked into it, but cannot say it helped me a lot. The three others you named I don't know.

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    Socionics best, Big Five the worst.
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    MBTI, socionics, enneagram, and then way out there...the big five.
    INFJ; 9w1 so/sp/sx; EII; RCOAI; Neutral Good

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