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Thread: What do you do to calm yourself down when you're anxious?

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    what's most helpful for me is to call to mind all the other times I've recovered from an anxious mood. sometimes when my nerves are bad I feel like I'll be stuck in that place forever, as irrational as that is.

    being outside, too. anything that helps clear my mind and stop the anxious thought process.

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    I don't calm myself down; I remain anxious and let it push me to the edge!

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    For me it depends as well on what caused it.

    Usually I ll distract myself to see if it will pass with something that holds good memories, like a particular feel good movie.

    If that does not work, I'll spend time self-reflecting, trying to understand what caused it.

    If it is excitement-based, I'll start doing useful things (Te shit) to pass the time and prep, whereas if it is fear-based, I'll either wait for it to pass, or do something really small towards disabling the cause of that fear, the first step to facing it as such..really suck at this last one though, I have to force myself to do it.

    Oh and if Im really frantic, panicked almost, I'll smoosh the stuffing out of my cat or my boyfriend for a good dose of oxytocine. Or eat chocolate

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    I don't think ive ever been calm in my entire life. The only way for me to overcome any kind of anxiety, is to find out the root cause and understand it.

    Otherwise I spend the majority of my time locked in intensity and anxiety, though I can sometimes do a good job of hiding it.
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