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Thread: Why would Julia Child be a Thinker, rather than a Feeler?

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    Default Why would Julia Child be a Thinker, rather than a Feeler?

    Hi everyone! I know I know, I'm posting new questions without even getting back to the threads I already have out...I'm sorreeeeee! (ENFPs: start more than you can finish...much? ;D)

    Anywho, I was just watching Julia and Julia (<3), and wondering (assuming Meryl Streep's portrayal of Child is on target at least) why, in Jung's name, Julia Child would be considered a Thinker?

    She seems to be well-established as an ENTP, but she doesn't seem the detached sort; she seems more like somebody who would be moved by a person's feelings, and would avoid debate favoring tact instead.

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    Wasn't she a spy?

    I don't think feelers would make great spies.

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    I think of her as an ESTx. Possibly F. But definitely S.

    I loved that movie. I really liked how they cast the relationship with Julia Child and her husband (intp?).
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