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Thread: 16 types X 2 sexes = 2 variations of each type yielding 32 manifestations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeliriousDisposition View Post
    Ts as being competitive... My sis is an INTJ. She can be very competitive, but it depends when and for what..and with whom. Debating... or arguments... If you are incompetent to begin with, she will not even bat an eyelash to bother. She just won't care to.
    She can feel the hard drive to win while playing sports. But she's not an athlete as I was. But when playing games, the aim is to destroy you. But it's not vicious, even if it seems like she has no mercy o_O (though she's no monster z.z It's people who are weak!)
    Yeah, this makes sense. The kind of competition your sister likes concentrates on the end: winning. I would say an F competition is more concentrated on the means: having a lot of fun in the process and not really too concerned about who wins. I hate situations where someone has to lose and so do most F's I know.

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    Competition:uhm. I have what I'd call "reactive competitivity". Ex. when I'm cycling I never initiate an attack. However whenever somebody initiates an attack, I always respond by going at the same speed as him, but never going past him (well, except at the finish line)

    the same is true with school. I can be a slacker, unless somebody else which I know to be dumber than me starts getting better grades. In that case, I will keep up.
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