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Thread: A Different Method of Typing

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    Default A Different Method of Typing

    I was wondering if you all were to type based on the following, what type do you think would apply to you? The following is meant to apply to how we treat one another rather than whether you are good or not at Ti or <insert stereotype about x function>.

    Ti - Looks to sum up a series of events with some kind of judgement that aims at containing people into a logical coherent system of thought for purposes of discriminating (not the same as discrimination) between people. Is the basis for impersonal decision making.

    Fi - Same thing as Ti, except its consideration includes what another person might want or need. This is a more personal decision making.

    *Note: This wouldn't necessarily mean Fi is ethical and Ti isn't because Fi could put the needs or wants of one person above many. It can be selfish. And Ti could in its impersonal nature end up being more 'fair'.

    Fe - Has a focus on maintaining positive social relations. This might sometimes include using emotions to cheer someone up or to come off friendly and trusting. It could even mean being stupid with purposeful intent. This function is essentially the function of rapport.

    Te - Is always thinking about whether or not something is reliable and tries to put reliability into practice. I consider it a function that wants to be competent and to form positive and stable relationships with people based on that competence.

    *Note: This wouldn't necessarily mean Te is about getting stuff done, since not being social can dissolve relations and have the opposite effect. And Fe could push people's social boundaries too much and cause resentment and a lose of relationships.

    Ni - Passively disengages from the world in an effort to witness it as a series of objects that interact and have their own relationships. This function would seek abstract or symbolic meaning and understanding about those interactions. Through this it seeks harmony of understanding through wisdom about the nature of people and the world.

    Si - Passively engages the world also as a series of objects, but by carefully taking in new atmospheres and experiences in an attempt to enjoy them. This function aims for mind-body balance and symbiosis with people and the world.

    Ne - Looks to change your idea of thought on how we understand each other or a thing. This function is about destroying the old ways of thought and replacing it with the newly conceived.

    Se - Enjoys the thrill of new experiences and is always aiming to find and enjoy new things. This function would be about maximizing options and always aiming to find the fullest enjoyment out of life.

    *Note: So Ne wouldn't be about ideas, but creating new things (which can be confused as the same thing). And Se wouldn't be about being practical, but about maximizing potential (which can also be confused as the same thing).

    So if you had to pick a judging function (Te, Fe, Fi, Ti) and a perceiving function (Ni, Si, Se, Ne) out of the above descriptions, which two would you pick and in what order?

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    (i might be a bit confused on this.)
    Judging: #1 Fi, #2 Fe
    Perceiving: #1 Si, #2 Se

    I think I might be a bit confused... sorry if I am >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaceskye View Post
    I think I might be a bit confused... sorry if I am >.<
    I think everyone is confused. This isn't a science.

    Your function order is pretty interesting. This is supposed to be closer to Jung your functional type probably matches you pretty well.

    Does Te neurosis fit or Ti neurosis? I think it's something like Te coming off as overdoing things, exerting too much energy on things that don't matter while thinking it's necessary or important. And Ti something like acting hysterical trying to figure out coherence to people, perhaps blaming people even for being inconsistent. In Jung, you develop the ego to subvert neurosis, whereas MBTI seems to think you develop it or something...but it's functions are opposing to the I'm not sure how that makes any sense to MBTI.

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    According to that, I prefer Se as a perceiving function and I know I'm not an Se type, let alone an Se user.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    Based on that, my function order would be:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    According to that, I prefer Se as a perceiving function and I know I'm not an Se type, let alone an Se user.
    Well, I'm sure everyone would like to think they are Se from the way I described it here (and maybe this is too abstract to summarize so simply). But it's another thing for someone to admit their relation to the world as being more predominantly influenced by another function. You're not really supposed to pick what seems easiest to understand or what your goals are, but having an idea of all these functions at once holistically, think about which ones you use more than the others. Does that make sense to you? If not, I apologize, I don't really know how you think. Maybe this is oversimplified.

    But Se would mean you are Se first and for most. You see a problem and you engage it with Se before all know...kinda? I honestly think you don't value Ne (from these descriptions), probably an introvert from what you mentioned on the forum, either Ti or Ni first, but your style of thought doesn't seem to value judging things in any particular way when dealing with them, more open-ended as if you are using an Ni style of thought/perception in understanding them as a removed observer.

    Yeah, I know, you didn't ask for my opinion, but I'm not meaning to bug you or anything or pretend I actually know anything about you, but explain how this might be useful since you were daring enough to be subjected to it by posting in my thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by RevlisZero View Post
    Based on that, my function order would be:
    [Forer Warning]
    That's cool. I can kind of get that impression over Ni Fe. You seem more cognitively cohesive in your writing style and posts.
    [/Forer Warning]

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