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Thread: Type and Handwriting

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    Also, (kinda offtopic) I'd like to ask someone who knows a little graphology about how much the time when you write the text matters (for example, if you write it slowly, at home or if you have to write something quickly, which one of these shows more of the writer's personality) in analysing someone's writing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by am_i_evil666 View Post
    So, is it possible to type someone after his handwriting?
    Why do we always come here?

    I guess we'll never know.

    It's like a kind of torture,
    To have to watch this show.

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    Okay, I'm not too into graphology, as in I don't believe in those structured 'rules' that graphology has, but let me give it a shot from what I've read out of general interest.

    For one thing, I felt right away that both of them were right-handed females. I admit I read the content to determine the sex of the writer for sure in the first page, and I still am not completely sure I'm right. Though writing a formal report, the writer has given some details that might seem insignificant to a male - eg. "also, we have managed to raise a larger sum of money than we did last year".

    I will hazard a guess and say she's an S. I base this on her handwriting; she has embellished many of her letters, made them more flamboyant, such as the small Gs and Fs. (Well, so has the person writing the 2nd page, but I'll come to her later.)

    Next, I think she is a T. Whatever she's written is to the point and sparse, and I'm not talking about content here. I'm talking about the way she has used each line economically, and she's a writer in a hurry, not dawdling over each word to see that it's the 'right' word that just 'fits' into the line. (For this reason, also, I think she's more ST than anything else - practical, that is.) For the same reason, and obviously she doesn't seem to be worrying unnecessarily about spellings, erasures, underlines, etc. She's organised her report under the bare minimum of headings that is a requirememnt of a formal essay.
    So my guess is that writer 1 is an ISTP, though I may be WAY off track here.

    As for writer 2, I'm much more partial to her as my handwriting is very similar to this. But I'll try not to be biased and give an objective analysis that is purely my opinion only.

    I don't even need to check her content, I think she's an ENFJ. Her huge handwriting singles her out as an F at once. I don't know why, but Fs either have tiny or large writing in my experience. It's like they have so much to pour out that they either write too expansively and exaggeratedly and sort of dance across the page, or they let their steam out bit by bit in tiny ant-like forms instead. Either way, it's an almost unbroken line of thought that they portray.
    I don't know whether she is an E or not, she could be either E or I. The fact that she has put a lot of pressure on the page shows that she has a more forceful personality, she's more sure of what she's saying, or maybe just that her pencil was better. But I think she's an E, because she doesn't seem to have hesitated at all in the writing of her letter. There are no breaks, stops, or rubbing out of anything.
    And now to the N part of it. Her handwriting is more cursive and more readable than the first letter. But, more than that, it's more consistent. Although she has also made many of her letters very 'fancy', like the small Qs, Zs and Js, she seems to have done them more as a personal quirk than out of any real effort to have pretty writing.
    The fact that she's a J seems quite obvious, given that she is perfectly able to stay within the margin and write straight on the page with no diversions in direction.

    This might all sound very biased and untrue, and I guess I could be wrong on many things. But, like I said, this is my own reading of the two samples. Hope they're useful.

    And no, I'm not one of those people who will talk about (what I think are) irrational things like Neptune and Mars being at right angles and thus forming an angle of creativity in your biorhythm or whatever
    I just based the above analysis on my gut feelings and the most easy way of explaining why my gut feelings felt the way they did. So no bashing, please

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    My guess: First is N and second is S.
    The first reminds me a little of my own writing and the second reminds me of some S's writing. My reasoning is as simple as that.

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    I remember two members doing this kind of analysis before. I won't name names, but they know who they are as well as a few of the older members.
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    Default were all quite wrong .
    In fact the first person is an ENFP, but apparently everyone concluded she was a ST.
    The second person is an ESTP, and not a NF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by am_i_evil666 View Post were all quite wrong .
    In fact the first person is an ENFP, but apparently everyone concluded she was a ST.
    The second person is an ESTP, and not a NF.

    I think you'll find above that I did indeed guess the first person was an N and the second was an S.

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    I noticed. Your simple reasoning was apparently genial.

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    So I was way off track... lol anyway I never said I was a professional But my instincts are totally off track. However I knew you would reveal the real personalities. I still think the first writing looks S and the second N!

    PS: And that was a mean trick :steam:
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    mmm.....i does someone's writing look N or S?

    *i see almost everyone said the first was S and the second N....*

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