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Thread: Type and Handwriting

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    A friend of mine (INTJ) writes quite similar.

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    I have a horrible handwriting. I attribute it to the fact that i've largely used computers since I was three years old.
    There's like a threshold I go over once I have been writing for a few hours.
    Once I reach that, it becomes pretty nice and stays that way as long as I make a conscious effort out of it.
    I sometimes go out in nature to write my book, and I do that by hand.
    Suffice to say, I oftentimes become so absorbed by the stuff in my head that I forget about my stupid handwriting...

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    According to the people which surrounded me in lifetime, I have a very messy handwriting, and most of my teachers at least once complained about it and encouraged me to do something about it. Obviously I did not care too much. Though, sometimes at the start of a writing I tried to put a bit effort into it, but the longer it goes on the longer I forget about myself. When I write, I don't concentrate much on the act of writing but on what I write. I never put much value on how my writing looks, I cared always only on what the words were which have been written.

    It happened in my Latin course 1-2 times again that I wrote the exams first in a messy way and then copied it again in a bit better handwriting, since I never needed the whole exam time.

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    I am terrible at handwriting. I start with a small letter and sometimes I use big letters in the middle of words
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    Here's mine ♥♥♥

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    None of any relevance. MBTI type has very little to do with the kind of mental, physical and neurological traits associated to handwriting.
    You can always recognize an ESTJ from his handwriting.

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    “No one can get out of his own skin. We act as our psychological past, i.e., as our cerebral organization dictates. For this reason, we are bound to expose ourselves in the association experiment in exactly the same way as we do in our own handwriting." C.G. Jung 1906
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    I never write in cursive handwriting - besides my signature, I've practically forgotten how. I print, and I have trouble writing small. My handwriting looks closer to my ESFP sister, ENTP dad and even ISFP step-dad than my ISFJ's mom writing; she writes in very neat, small cursive, as does her NFJ sister & ESFJ mom.

    Of course, when I was a kid I aimed for sunday comic strip style writing

    (a bit blurry....bad lighting...oh well...)
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    I may post my handwriting later, but here's something worth noting with me: I do not write like most folks.

    That is to say, I am right handed, but I don't place my pointer on one side of a pencil and the thumb and other fingers on the other side (with most not touching)

    Instead, I place my thumb on one side, and my four fingers on the other, all five fingers touching. I've done this since I could write: mostly because this means of writing worked for me when I first, and it seemed like a waste of time to learn some other means for no reason I could discern. So I didn't. Most people seem shocked that I can write like this.

    I can also write in the traditional fashion at almost the same speed, but I prefer not to and have to think about it to do so.
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    Okay I did it. Here is a link to a pic I took on my camera, and what it says. (Yes it's a link from my LJ, feel free to peruse if you want to die of philosophical introspective boredom, hah.)

    Top, both left page and right page:

    "My lack of knowledge or understanding does not absolve me of my responsibility to give and support with it."

    The middle left page:

    "This is my standard and current handwrtng includng intentionally leaving out some key vowels as neccsry to still undr[short scribble]nd the context."

    The middle right, first:

    "My curiosity is emotional....."

    Middle right, second:

    "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs."

    The bottom left page:

    "This is my alternative amusing handwriting."

    The bottom right page:

    "And lastly, this was my writing during highschool (I think). Note the "a"s.

    The odd manuscript:

    Developed a few weeks ago to help me write faster with fewer reading and writing errors, as well as fewer strokes (efficiency breeds swiftness in this case), as well as to keep work related notes which are confidential just that: confidential. (I do a lot of hiring/firing/etc. at work and have to maintain some notes, and generally have a poor memory so transcribe everything to that notebook before emailing it to myself later.)

    The letters "a, e, r, s, i, n, t, and o" all encompass 65% of the widely used English written/spoken language, and add another ten or so and you end up at 85%. Uncommon letters (J, K, Z, Q) all are the same symbol as the chances they would be together are impossible, and I will eventually learn to read them in context.

    Right now it takes me about as fast as normal writing to write this, but much longer to read. Thus I practice reading everything I write a few days later when it's not fresh in my memory.
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