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Thread: Type and Handwriting

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    Quote Originally Posted by am_i_evil666 View Post
    mmm.....i does someone's writing look N or S?

    *i see almost everyone said the first was S and the second N....*
    I don't know if you can tell but you'd have to look at more samples to find out I think!

    Besides my simple reasoning I used before, I would say that I did sense a sort of N or S feeling from the writing samples you posted that I can somewhat analyse. The first one I thought was N because of the very loose, flowy handwriting she used. It seemed to care less about details and following a proper structure of writing out each letter and instead kind of 'felt' her way around with the words. Letters blend together, unlike the second sample where everything is spaced evenly. It seems like each word as written as a whole, instead of letter-by-letter. It also looks quite rushed, but really natural. I dunno why but that kind of also indicated P to me.

    For the second sample it kind of felt more SJ to me, just probably because it seemed so neat and orderly and so matter of factly written out. It also looks really feminine (so F)... [ but that's not even what she is so... um, I guess that doesn't work ]

    I would have no idea how to determine I / E, unless maybe I actually read the things. I did not at all bother to read the content btw.

    Does this make any sense? Hold any weight? Or am I just pulling stuff out of my --- :0 ?

    There are so many different ways you can analyse things really.

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    The second handwriting looked a bit like mine.
    I 78% N 62% F 62% P 67%


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    I think the first looks left-handed.
    And I'm going to leave it there. Veterans will know why
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    Default Handwriting and Type (Yes, another one)

    What kind of correlation, if any, do you see?

    I'm an ISTJ, a guy, and I have very neat handwriting. Not to mention that I'm left handed- so I get the 'you write like a girl' smack all the time.

    Would a Fe dom have the best handwriting, while Ni the worst? What do you think?

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    I have noticed many NFs make little hearts above their is. It had made me upset.

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    In fourth grade, I got an A+ in calligraphy. In later years, teachers told me I had a doctor's hand. Personally, I think that my handwriting has its moments of beauty.

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    i wonder if other ne doms write like shit because their brain is going faster than their hand...or maybe a more accurate thing to say is that it's just unfocused.

    or perhaps...that's just me.
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    I mostly print rather than write in cursive. I tend to write at a fast pace, if I'm writing something just for my own use, I don't care much about being neat but I do want it to be legible! I tend to see handwriting more as a tool than as an art. By that I mean, I don't spend much time or effort making my writing look beautiful. I just want to get my message across.

    Here is an example of one of my handwriting samples. Personality insights anyone?

    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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    I have a very curly handwriting, which is very strange for Dutch girls of my age (they all have this very round, simple and readable handwriting). Some people like it, others hate it. It's readable once you're used to this kind of letters. When I'm in a hurry, my handwriting doesn't look exactly like letters and words, more like a strange wave. I can still read it then, others can't, but that doesn't matter. When I was nine I already decided I didn't have the handwriting I was trained to have at school because that handwriting wasn't cool and if you weren't cool, you were a loser. That's why I started imitating what I called "computer letters", which were cooler. I got some teachers really pissed about that. Ever since everybody has been angry about my handwriting, so I kept changing it, first to please them, later to rebel against them. My current curly handwriting was a rebellion against girls needing to have "girly", round and simple handwritings. Here a demonstration of my handwriting (a poem I found online I wrote down in some sort of memo, it's about Holland's favorite psychopath).
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    Whatever. I work primarily on Ni and Si. Don't know what that has to do with my handwriting.

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