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Thread: How would you feel if they found out who you were on typology central?

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    I do wonder at times if random posters could be people I've known in real life or met elsewhere on the web but then I decide while its possible its not probably and is highly unlikely, they might just have similar traits but be entirely different people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I do wonder at times if random posters could be people I've known in real life or met elsewhere on the web but then I decide while its possible its not probably and is highly unlikely, they might just have similar traits but be entirely different people.

    You'd be surprised as it's a small world. I've run into 2 posters on another forum irl. I also found out someone on this forum went to elementary school with one of my college friends.

    I've been to N.I. Maybe we ran into each other and didn't even know it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post

    I wouldn't be too happy about it, mainly because I vent and try to sort out situations regarding specific people who are/were in my life on here. If any of them busted me here (unlikely), they would recognize themselves pretty quickly, I think.

    I actually do feel guilty sometimes about venting specifically about such things to a forum. But the outside opinions have been invaluable.
    Same here.
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    Anonymity for similar reasons already explained here; compartmentalization.

    I don't really have anything major to hide, so it wouldn't be a huge deal. However, I work in a very conservative industry and often run across people who are very judgmental about the strangest, most benign things. So who knows what they could misinterpret about me based on what I write. I like the freedom to write whatever I want, and have the tendency to want to confess to silly things I do.

    Also, I think there is too much room for negative stereotyping about personality types, so wouldn't want to reveal my MBTI type to anyone who doesn't have a good understanding of what it means, or that I am an individual separate from my type and not the same as some other ENTP they worked with.

    Oh, and another reason is that my family is very religious, so they would be upset to see how much I like to swear sometimes. The fact that it was forbidden growing up is probably why I like it, and find it a harmless form of stress relief around people who aren't offended by it.

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    If they knew here what an utter jerk I was in my real life I would not hear the end of it. If this happened I would toss the pretense and tell you Internet fools what is what and who is who and where they could put it.

    I would thereafter be summarily banned not only here but irl for the crime of senseless truthfulness.
    I redact everything I have written or will write on this forum prior to, subsequent with and or after the fact of its writing. For entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously nor literally.

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    It would make me uncomfortable if most people I know IRL found out I posted on here. I take measures to make sure that the chance of people finding out is practically zero. I'm kind of vague in some of the details I give about myself. For example, I'll reveal my occupation but not my actual place of employment. I won't give out my Facebook information here because then people would find out my real name, which I would rather not reveal. I have posted pictures and videos of myself but I only keep them up for a short time- mostly to see what types other people perceive me as.

    I'm careful not to badmouth people I know IRL on this forum. In the rare case that I have, I make the description rather generic so it could apply to many different people without it being obvious who its about. I suppose a couple of times I've ranted about different people in my life on my blog but that's viewable by forum members only. I wouldn't do it on another section of the forum.

    I don't want people knowing I'm on the forum because I have revealed some personal problems on here that could work against me if it leaked out- especially in the workplace. Also, alot of people just think interest in the MBTI is weird and they have a gross misunderstanding of type. I don't want them to get a wrong idea about me.
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