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Thread: I/E dilema

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    Default I/E dilema

    Today i asked a teacher if i was an introvert or an extravert and she said i am an extravert. I am typed as an INFP. I usually shout stuff out in class and try to make everyone laugh and shit and they're usually witty smart ass comments. This is only in class, outside i'm lost in thought and usually don't even know whats going on around me.

    I asked why and she said i got a lotta charm and she thinks i always want some or little attention.

    I don't want to be an E, but does it sound like i am?

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    Test = more accurate than teacher.

    And seeing how you asked do I sound like one? No, I don't think so. I think you sound like an I.

    i usually get 80-100 introversion in tests.
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    Don't worry about it. Once I had a seminar instructor that I only truly knew f0r 9 days, adamantly argue w/ me about me being an introvert.(she kept arguing w/ me) In reality, I just thought the seminar was pointless and a waste of time so I didn't engage. How well does the person know you?

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    I'd be a bit unsure of putting 100% of your trust in tests - you openly admit to not wanting to be an extrovert, and your own biases could very possibly influence your conscious views of yourself through sub conscious alterations of the way you perceive your way of going through the world.

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    I went through a phase where i wanted to fit in and i wanted to be an extravert where i am liked by everyone and i can make conversation easily but then i really just accepted it and i love it being alone and all that but i am good at talking sometimes and this teacher i can mess around with cause she's laid back so i just muck around and shit like saying stuff out loud in class and making everyone laugh and whenever i approach i say something witty or something.

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