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Thread: How well do you get along with your opposite type?

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    I get along with everyone except arrogant pricks.

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    Not very well but it's not fair to say it was because they were the opposite type. Every last ESFJ I have known IRL has had a tough upbringing. Lots of neglect, lack of secure attachments, etc., so it has really left them warped and highly insecure. Those kinds of issues make it difficult for a good relationship with anyone but it did make our opposing preferences much more of an issue than it would have been in a healthy person.

    I have liked the ones I met online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    Your polar opposite is actually someone who has completely different functions that you, and who also doesn't share a Sensing or Intution preference, and who is Extroverted to your for an ISTJ it would be like ENFJ. It doesn't get much more different than that.

    At least with your letter opposite you share all the same functions and have "duality."
    So the opposite of xNTP is xSFP.... looks like we are now opposites I'd say we get along pretty well then...

    Hmm, I also know one confirmed ISFP IRL, and we get along fine. There's just been those couple moments where she gives me a look like "What planet is this girl from?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I'm confused. I thought STPs and NFJs got along better.. theoretically speaking.
    Somehow the pairing of STPs and NFJs has worked great in my life.
    My best of best friends are either STPs or NFJs.
    NFJs absolutley kill me with their weird twists on humor, and their quest for perfection and goodness, that has always been noble to me , for so lots of folks are so selfish, to many for so long. The NFJs I know have integrated with "human decency", they care, they want to make the world a better place and do the right thing. That's just cool as hell to me, and I love it.
    My STP peeps are spme crazy MoFos, my SFP folks too.

    I also get along with NTs, two great friends of mine are INTP and ENTP; they brutalize me, and I die laughing and sling it right back.
    I honestly don't know many SJs in real life, but, my Dad is an ESTJ, and although a force of nature all his own, he is a cool and decent man, and I love him and respect him for being so consistent and honorable. If that's an SJ thing, then I see no harm in it.
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    Everyone except ESFJ's. ESFJs are insane, although my cousin is ESFJ (I think) or ESFP I get along with him well. I'm interested in getting to know more ISFJs and ENFJs they seem interesting and I don't know many.

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    I’m an INFP, and I love ESTJs. I cultivate them as friends when I find them, and I wish I had more of them in my life.

    At their worst, ESTJs can be bossy or neurotic. But accept them for who they are, and they’ll be fierce allies. Also, they know everybody and they get stuff done; gotta love that about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FineLine View Post
    I’m an INFP, and I love ESTJs. I cultivate them as friends when I find them, and I wish I had more of them in my life.

    At their worst, ESTJs can be bossy or neurotic. But accept them for who they are, and they’ll be fierce allies. Also, they know everybody and they get stuff done; gotta love that about them.

    One of my BFFs is an INFP. She's the "anti-me" but we get where each other is coming from, even though we come to the same conclusion from completely different angles.
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    ISTJ's? They're fine. I get along with most people. I'm not sure any of my really close friends are ISTJ's though, nor do I think I would ever get really really close to one.
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    I have no ESFP or ESFJ friends. I have some relatives of these types, and have always felt I have very little to say to them, very little in common. I have learned to listen respectfully if my aunts want to go on about their diets and home decorating, or my uncles about their new cars or their kids' (and now, grandkids') sports exploits, but they seem to inhabit a different world. Otherwise, I seem to encounter these types mostly in impersonal settings (grocery store, dentist office) and have few occasions to get to know them better.

    I do have a couple ISFJ friends from work. Our relationship seems based upon our shared experiences, and to some extent, shared values.
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