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Thread: Is mbti an "NTP thing"?

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    I think that MBTI from that perspective is very Ti, but not everyone who loves the MBTI loves it for that reason. My reasoning is more Te/Ne: it puts people into pattern-related categories (which my Ne loves), and gives me enough information to actively change the way I act towards certain people (Te) and towards my inner self (Fi).
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    It doesn't seem like Te mixes well with MBTI, but then again, Te doesn't mix well with many things.
    It doesn't mix well with your Ti-bias, that's for sure.

    I'm just sayin'.
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    I think the MBTI goes well with Ti, especially since Ti likes to have structures and systems. I feel the need to give everything a name and a place in some kind of structure in order to understand it better, and I think that explains my fascination with the MBTI. On the other hand, Fi seems to be involved as well, at least for me. I want to understand this structure in order to better understand myself and my place in it.

    Anyways, my hypothesis is that the MBTI is a Ti structure, maybe with a little Ne mixed in, and Fi seems to be drawn to it.

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