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Thread: What is the biggest compliment/insult someone could give you?

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    The greatest compliment is validation that I'm doing well in an area I really believe in. When I think of you, I think "courage", I can count on you to be real, you are intelligent. Being told that I am trustworthy is a big deal. Invoking potential also feels good, as I found out today: you have so much energy inside, it's all in how you use that passion.

    Being told that I am only pretending or do not follow my own ethical values hits extremely hard. If it's true, you have the salt in the wound factor: the discrepancy was certainly the most emotionally demanding and troubling thing on my mind before anyone confirmed it.

    Another bad one is having your future predicted, which "There will be no place for you in the world to come" falls under. You will never experience love. You will always be alone. You'll come crying back to me when it doesn't work out.

    The worst insult I can imagine, period? Being called boring by somone you have opened your inner world up to completely.
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    Compliment: "You are morally competent."
    Insult: "You are morally incompetent."

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    Complement: saying something about me that is positive and true, while having no agenda or ulterior motive.
    Insult: saying something about me that isn't true, especially the usual about me being cold, uncaring, or a sociopath.

    Luckily insults don't affect me very much, except perhaps making me annoyed at your stupidity.

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    A certain poster on this forum is doing an excellent job at nailing the insults because they are unflagging, impersonal insults about labels I identify with. It's infuriating. It'd be brilliant if they were actually trying to enrage me. Unfortunately they have no idea, but I still have the impulse desire to yank all their bodily hairs out one by painful, tiny one.

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    Insult: You're beautiful.
    Compliment: You're twisted.

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