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Thread: Se + Fe style wedding.

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    Default Se + Fe style wedding.


    This extreme grandiose display of <insert appropriate word here> and surprises screams Se and how it was shown towards the "audience" or the even the television just screams Fe. Everyone's happy and laughing, there's an ecstasy to it.

    And most of all, the wedding was made in 14 minutes and consisted of a prank, a huge ass performance with even a parade in it!

    This is why ESTPs are so cool.

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    Wow I had a few thoughts on this:

    1.) It made me cry - what a sap I am.

    2.) Talk about peer pressure to say "Yes!"

    3.) I would have been mad that I didn't get a chance to pick out my wedding dress or "look like a bride" on my special day.

    4.) On the other hand, what an amazing gift of surprise.

    5.) I hope this is what she truly wanted - I think she wanted to be proposed to, but not convinced she really wanted to get married right that second.

    Se / Fe? Se for sure ... how Fe?
    "Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one."
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    "When people see some things as beautiful,
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    Look at everyone, they're all happy and laughing... hmm... I suppose you have a point there.

    But really it's the magnitude of it that made me think Se + Fe.

    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld
    It's not uncommon to see young ESTPs in the process of Fe development show unprecedented (and often quite unexpected) displays of affection and warmth for their loved ones--while those loved ones look on in bemused but pleasant surprise as the brash and competitive ESTP they're used to begins to turn over a new leaf and display his more caring and compassionate side.
    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld
    They may end up filtering Fe through their preferred Se perspective, showing their appreciation through powerful displays of visual or other sensory flash and showmanship. While these responses may appear on the surface to be simple attempts to garner attention, there's often a less pronounced (but very real) desire to express and validate interpersonal camaraderie wrapped up in the ESTP's grand displays and gestures

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