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Thread: MBTI with more axis and higher resolution?

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    I thought I'd bump this old thread just to see what people think about it nowadays.
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    I am definately Introverted Intra-thought.

    What I would want to ask however is, where do these axis present practical and useful information where MBTI itself lacks.

    Understanding how a system like MBTI works, you could keep splitting it up further and further, until you have hundreds of types. But at what point do the important values of the personalities become too muddled and lose their practical value.

    Looking at this system from my own perspective, I can't say that, knowing where I fall into your axis, this gives me any worthwhile insight into my own personality.

    MBTI is interesting in that it very superficially deals with the very core mechanics of personality types. Right to the point that it gives many practical insights into the way you interact with the world and give a good idea of how you probably should interact with the world going into the future. So what insight can I get from this added layer.

    In the case of Ti at least, I don't see any added value, nor does it come as any surprise to me that I am Introverted Intra-thought. Perhaps it might be interesting for others to know where I fall on these axis, but that is as far as my curiosity takes me here.

    You mentioned in the first post that perhaps this allows people who are much less defined in MBTI extremes to allow them to type themselves more accurately. Perhaps that could be a good use for it. But as someone who is quite extremely defined, this is not something I can judge by myself.

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