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Thread: Typing by facial characteristics.

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    I hear the popular opinion loud and clear, but I urge those of you with strong beliefs to just check the video/website out. The site is in-depth, with an unusually high level of understanding as well as a passion for finding the truth about cognition. These people don't seem like they would release (indeed they are withholding of information before they perfect it better) without firm evidence of it's truth.

    Even if you remain un-impressed by their ideas about facial typing, the rest of the site provides a really great formation and delivery of jungian typology. I think this site is one of the best on typology out there.

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    I try something myself in order to know one way or the other, and VI/facial typing/gestalt-intuitive typing is enjoyable, and it keeps me flexible. Perhaps VI is not type-related, but I don't think there isn't any relation, either. If our facial expressions and body language reflect our inner feelings or thoughts, then I can't write off VI. Also, fun and games aside, I don't really see how VI on a hobby level is problematic. If someone wants to educate me as to the contrary, I gladly welcome it.

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