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Thread: Intuition/knowing what it's telling you/trusting it, etc...

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    I know when a certain person is trying to talk to/get in touch with me. My intuition never fails with him. What this means, I don't know. I've also had this with other people. It's kind of like...emotional telepathy? I believe it's actually a form of being what some believers in this phenomenon call being an "empath"...I believe telepathy might involve actual thoughts, and clairvoyance foresight of events, and I have neither of those. But boy do I have this intuitive empathetic connection with some people, boy howdy. I have since I was a teenager, maybe sooner. My mother swears I talked about holding hands with my dead grandmother when I was five or six.

    As for "just knowing" what is the right thing to do for your self, in your own life, following "the voice within" ...does that count as intuition? I thought I might be ISFP for a while...that this "voice within" was Fi/Ni and I was confusing my Se with Ne...but then it was carefully explained to me the difference between Se and Si, and now I understand that I definitely have Ne and Si...I'm definitely an NFP, though some might debate on E or I.

    I'm not sure any of these things have to do with functions, anyway. I think Ne/Ni have to do with a preference toward theory and abstract and being in your head, it's a style of thinking, and has nothing to do with other kinds of intuition.

    The "just knowing" what is right for you, though....could be Fi or Ni, maybe, because that's an internal knowledge about one's self.

    I'm not sure about what you're talking about in the OP, about knowing someone else's feelings for you ...I think that could be hit or miss, depending on the situation and how well you know the person. Sometimes it could be wishful thinking, and in other cases it very well be intuitively or empathetically following their patterns of behavior, and body language, etc. Sometimes you *can* tell how someone feels because their actions speak louder than's apparently a gift NFs are supposed to have, anyway. It has to do with connecting patterns of behavior, though, which could be function-related and not "psychic" at all.
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    In terms of someone's feelings for you, I tend to think it's wishful thinking in many/most cases. I haven't had definite proof in my own case that it tends to be anything else.

    Jag, thanks for the links to the other threads, I'm going to have a look.

    Just throwing this out there, and maybe it's crazy talk. Could "intuition"/"gut feeling" be (in some cases) Ni working to synthesize and connect and draw conclusions about something/someone at such unconscious speed that it simply hits you as "a gut feeling"?
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    For me, intuition is connecting the dots.

    Spotting the dots is what's most difficult.

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    speak for yourself
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    My intuition flares with other people. (Probably becaue I am an F).

    Usually it goes something like this; scanning the external environment and interactions, i spot something. Its fuzzy & hidden. Subtle. I'm not sure exactly how that first zap comes to be, it must be something embedded in the subcon, something the mind finds off, inconsistent, different, etc. What ever it is, after that initial strike, its on, and now at the forefront of my mind. I focus. Where have i seen this before? What connected that circumstance? My mind spins wildly digging up other thoughts, knowledge, point to point to point, but its able to move from point A to point D very quickly, examining every impression.. and not just sensory impressions, feeling impressions, ideas, etc. until finally enough impressions, thoughts, patterns emerge, and bingo.. the "hunch" or expected outcome is identified. It may be exact, it may be gray.

    I don't act on every hunch I have. People that say their hunches are *always* right, have probably made a tremendous amount of connections that lead them to this conclusion, but their consciously unaware of all the processes and patterns they really took to get there.

    I've been wrong with gut instincs, or "intuition". But even this situation with a false conclusion is stored into a pattern in my mind. The next time this pattern emerges, I will also link it to the incorrect outcome, and realize the hunch is either off, or more info needed.

    They say that the mind is ALWAYS taking in info. I saw this story on a kid abducted from a grocery store. There was a person in the parking lot at that time, and they were able to get this person to remember back to the scene like she was there.. find the car they believed had taken the kid, and recall the license plate! She had no conscious memory of what that vehcile even looked like, yet the dug it out of her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Have a look at this, "Do you trust your Ni?" thread:

    I like pippi's response, who is one of the few female INTJs:

    Do You Trust Your Ni?
    So basically you are saying that Ni does have something to do with gut feelings, and more specifically to that 'just knowing' feeling?

    So then Ni is close to this kind of intuition, but not necessarily Ne. I'm pretty sure Ne is more like what went terribly wrong in class today when I forgot my pencil and lost my focus, leading to a chain of ideas and associations based on the work and on this conversation. They are both so tricky to pin down. Like Jello but with more complexity...

    Anyway, I'm still not sure about what specifically I'm supposed to get from that thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaLuminosity View Post
    So basically you are saying that Ni does have something to do with gut feelings, and more specifically to that 'just knowing' feeling?
    Knowing, is but a drop of water in the oceanic depths of the unconscious. People spend decades studying varying levels of consciousness and intuition - psychologists, neuroscientists, and anyone interested in finding out more about man than what merely floats upon the surface.

    "According to cognitive neuroscientists, we are conscious of only about 5 percent of our cognitive activity, so most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depends on the 95 percent of brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness."
    Mysteries of the Mind:
    Your unconscious is making your everyday decisions

    I don't think the OP wants to turn this into an Ni thread but many threads and posts have been made to compare Ni and Ne.
    Here is one I have referred to, many times:

    What is Ni?
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    I am wary of my Ni, although it's supposed to be my leading function. I don't get strong feelings like this often, but when I do, it's like, bam, hard to ignore. I am more afraid of trusting and going with it rather than doubting it, though.

    Sometimes I confuse it with my own hopes and wishes. I want something to be some way so badly I make myself believe it's that gut feeling sort of a thing. But the gut feeling is VERY different, it feels like I have no choice but to go with it.

    For me it's strongest about people.

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