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    This thread is dedicated to creating the best function test this site can think up. The test style will be based off of motivation instead of behavior. This thread is in correspondence with the Wiki project.

    Start coming up with ideas!

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    Test instructions should emphasize preference over ability.

    eg... Modified from keys2cognition test:

    Please read carefully each of the 48 phrases below. For each phrase:

    * Indicate how often you do skillfully prefer what the phrase describes.
    * Use dictionary definitions and go with the overall meaning most comfortable to you.
    * If you don't understand a phrase then mark it as "not me."

    As for actual questions, I'll add some...I have to read other tests and try to convert them to function questions and maybe after all I don't know the functions that well.
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    So strychnine is all good.
    It's Godly and righteous,
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    Who are you to refuse nature's will?

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