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Thread: INxx's, Intelligence, and Internet Use

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    Thanks, Night!

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    We talked about this in another thread that I created concerning the disproportion of INTJs on this forum. We actually discovered that there were far more INTPs who had signed up to it (although the proportion of INTJs was second highest).

    The internet in general is a huge cornucopia of information which appeals to a multitude of types. Generally, I'd say that forums and discussion boards appeal most to Intuitive Introverts, probably because they are places designed solely for the trading of ideas and facts. There's no better way to share with others a piece of one's own mind, and since Intuitive Introverts love to spend time in their heads, these kinds of places are a godsend to them.

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    For bulletin boards you have to take into account the subject of the forum. On an MBTI or other personality board there may be a large INxx population, gaming boards could be dominated by ISxx, MySpace/facebook ESxx, computer/tech boards mostly IxTx.

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    ok... not really suprised if there are, but how many of you are or have been members of Mensa? This is totally curiosity and am not looking to study it.

    (new thread this if needed)
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