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Thread: What IS the "logical framework and structure of the outside world?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retmeishka View Post
    I've always admired people who are able to do that, find a way to get to Dallas in 3 days for less than $50, that kind of thing, because that's something that I can't do easily. I feel like I *could* do it if I absolutely had to, but I tend to avoid thinking that way and I usually take a more careless approach. (Get in the car, gas tank empty light is on, who cares, just go out and drive on fumes until the very last minute, and don't even bother remembering what the gas prices are nowadays, etc.)
    That sounds like the typical way of seeing the inferior function. Something that you can do if you have to, but you tend to avoid it and take a different approach. Also, tending to admire people who can use that function well.

    That "more careless" approach would probably be Se. You're just dealing with the situation as it unfolds, not planning anything out.
    I've been reading the pages that you and IndyAnnaJoan have mentioned and it's very helpful. I am paying attention to my own ways of thinking and I can actually see the processes going on now that I know more about what the functions are.
    That's great! That's what I was hoping to accomplish... to help you see the processes going on. You seem to be a quick learner, and a curious one at that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retmeishka View Post
    What I've discovered so far is, no matter how hard I try to see things from the perspective of the other functions, I always find myself going back to my default way. I think that I'm 'thinking,' but actually I'm feeling again. Those other functions are so weak and subtle that it's almost impossible to find them.

    I'm actually reading a web page about Lenore Thompson's book right now so I'm getting some more info on this.

    You said 'introverted judging' and 'extroverted judging.' What does that mean? Do you mean judging functions that are extroverted/introverted, like Te, Ti, Fe, and Fi? Or did you mean that feeling and thinking are opposed to each other because it's hard to be idealistic and utilitarian at the same time?
    Sorry for the late reply. I don't have much internet access at the moment. Anyway, to answer your questions...

    Introverted judging refers to Fi and Ti collectively. Extroverted judging is Te and Fe. I never try to seperate thinking/feeling from the introversion extrovion directions. I don't think there is any such thing as just "thinking" on its own. It's either Ti or Te. In this sense thinking and feeling are not directly opposed to each - it's extroverted judgement that opposes introverted judgement.

    In many ways Te has more in common with Fe than it does Ti. A similar statement could be made about Fi, Ti and Fe. Both the introverted judging forms are idealistic/value based, just in different ways. Fi is orientated towards ideas of social worth, rather than just social necessity (which is more Fe). Ti is centered around technical worth. When ITPs have strong attachments to what they consider to be worth, whether it is pursuit of martials arts, science, craftsmanship or whatever.

    Fe and Te are both orientated towards the world at large, judging according what is an observable necessity rather than what is considered deserable or admirable.
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