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Thread: Which personality types are prone to drug addiction?

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    That makes me an isfj????
    Alcohol puts me to sleep almost immediately. Plus it tastes bad. I don't have insomnia. I won't consume anything that tastes bad. So alcohol is out.
    Marijuana... I tried it more than once. It had no effect on me whatsoever. Plus it smelled bad.
    Cocaine and speed... haven't tried them, don't feel any need to.
    anti-anxiety meds and ecstasy... that sounds a bit toxic to me.
    I'll go for chocolate. At least, that tastes good!
    I like taking long walks, nearly every day. I love looking at the sky and the grass and the river. What a beautiful world. So yes, I guess that it's the healthy living and exercise of the isfj that appeals to me the most.
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    Yes, definitely alcohol for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illume View Post
    Read the study published in 2005 regarding MBTI correlations to drug addicted youth at the Nokomis Challenge facility:

    Very interesting study and substantiates that SJ and SP youths appear to be more susceptible to drug addiction and are more resistant to treatment.
    thanks, just read it . . . very interesting . . . actually surprises me about SJ's . . . i actually always assumed that N's would be more resistant . . . nice to learn something new every day

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    Don't all types get addicted for different reasons?
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    I prefer stimulants. I like the increased mental alertness you get from them and the ability to zone out everything else and just get focused on something. I also have ADHD so it sort of relaxes me when I'm isolated. When I'm around others I'm prototypically sped up and talkative.

    I smoked weed for a relatively long time, and still do on occasion, but it always made me slightly anxious. Nowadays it seems like I'm always excessively paranoid and cautious when I smoke. It's a little better when I smoke by myself because I'm not as self conscious and not afraid of the looser thoughts that I have.

    I've always loved alcohol, especially combined with uppers.
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    I am an INTP and I love me some marijuana. It's definitely the drug for me. Other than some other psychedelics too. But I do not like cocaine or alcohol very much. Haven't tried much else.

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    I'm pretty sure addiction is a physical thing. As in "my brain needs this chemical or it will consume my body from the inside-out" kind of deal. Seems a bit silly to try and map cognitive functions to it.

    I think the only cognitive function that would come close is Si, but that's really more to do with familiarity and reliving the past physically, rather than actual chemical addiction.

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    Hahah, I'm pretty sure you've got the ENFP pegged.
    I tried weed a couple times and hated it. I ended up upset, hungry, and paranoid. I just wanted to be home with a pot of spaghetti, in my bed, with my mom giving me a hug.
    Personally, I like to avoid any contact with illicit substances, but a drink (Note: Not to the point of drunk) with friends in a warm space is always nice. Maybe it's the people, not the drink.

    As for ectasy, my current world is soft and fuzzy enough for me already, thanks. I can enjoy everything without me wanting to rub 10x more on everything around me.

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    Nothing for me. I smoked cigarettes and would drink infrequently in high school.
    A lot of my friends did weed,
    especially my ISTJ friend. I think he did it to fit in.
    Eventually he got hooked onto cocaine, but later stopped.
    My ESFP best friend does weed to block things out.

    I like the AP International study. 0% of those in the drug home were INTJ's or ENTJ's. Something I expected and take pride in.

    I never found myself attracted to drugs and I say this in the least judgmental way I can, but I find those who rely on drugs and alcohol quite immature.

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    who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad
    memories and allow themselves to be provoked this
    easily -- weak people, in other words -- they stand no chance."
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    The only thing I'm "addicted" to is caffeine (I have a Pepsi and a cup of coffee almost everyday). Drugs scare me because I've had too many relatives who were/are drug addicts. It is really sad to see people have their whole life dominated by a substance-a thing! Imagine having your life run by an inanimate thing! I tried cigarettes once and hated it (it was soooo gross).

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