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Thread: Type and Wikipedia

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    Default Type and Wikipedia

    List of Wikimedians by MBTI type - Meta

    Some Wikimedians have listed their MBTI type on a page, where the results can be viewed.

    For your information, the work in Wikipedia consists mostly of technical writing, copy editing, different administrative processes, verifying that established procedures are followed, writing bots that gather information from various projects, etc.. But the pure writing work is most substantial.

    Most often the writers are students or otherwise semi-informed about the topics they write in. Their work generally indicates extreme attention to definition, logic and established level of science in their topic areas.

    Wikimedia works in a bit different but related projects. I'm not so familiar with their work as I'm with the work in Wikipedia.

    It's a small and self-selected sample, but it's telling. They are Wikimedians who know their type and are interested of announcing it in the system.

    Almost complete lack of SF from the member population. N is a stronger predictor for being in wikipedia, with T as a second.

    I'm surprised. The type has such a strong influence on this thing.

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    Or well, it's not just about logic. It's about balancing different social/political/scientific/other views so that they are fairly presented. It's about giving a fair treatment to subject. There are a lot of NF types being presented in there as well. Different N probably do the same kinds of tasks in there.

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