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Thread: Perfectly balanced personality

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    The key is that time/effort are not infinite, and that working on one's less preferred functions/abilities (type or otherwise) often comes as the expense of maintaining and developing the more preferred ones. The instructor at a teambuilding workshop I attended once said that it is more productive to develop one's strengths than to correct one's weaknesses. We compensate for weaknesses instead by recognizing them, and either doing the job differently using one of our strengths, or enlisting the help of a colleague who has the ability we lack (hence teambuilding). I agree with this for the most part.

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    I have heard that before, and I agree to an extent, but it gets kinda tricky at some point...

    What if one of your strengths is your ability to learn and utilize other functions?

    What if that's one of all of our strengths?

    Just sayin...
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