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Thread: Differences between Judgers and Perceivers

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    Default Differences between Judgers and Perceivers

    The last letter of a person's MBTI/jungian type seems to be the biggest difference in MBTI/jungian typology, that's because judgers prefer a in depth based approach(Pi) to taking in information and a breadth/more broad based approach(Je) to evaluation/organizing concepts/values while perceivers like the breadth based approach(Pe) to taking in information, placing more value on gathering as much information as possible from many different sources, even if it seems unrelated at first, but they have a depth based approach(Ji) to their evaluations, prefering a more holistic understanding.

    I have even heard some comment on the subtle difference between judgers and perceivers in their posture, the way they carry themselves(this might not be the most accurate way to tell though). Judgers seem to have a more "solid, steady" vibe, like they seem more "prepared", while the perceivers might seem more "lackadaisical" and going with the motions. I think judgers might be more externally based overall because their judgement function is external, but the IxxJs can be very internal too though, so it seems the judgers might have more variation between the IxxJs and ExxJs. The perceivers seem more uniform in this aspect and they seem driven by novelty(of experiences, concepts, ideas).

    I also notice a difference between Ji and Je, in that Ji seems to be more "fluid"(even if it might be against external standards) but Je seems far more practical(but rigid) in today to today activities, Ji by it's nature is also more abstract(esp. Fi), this can make it seem almost intuitive compared to Je. Do any of you have any thing to add, is this accurate or is it crap?
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    Yes there are differences.

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    If I had to choose which function I would wish to have the most balance it would be that between the division of J and P (i.e. becoming and INTx)
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    oh look squirrel ! What was the topic ?
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    jungian types are just named differently from mbti. there is different type for example to enfj and enfp. enfp is extroverted intuitive type with feeling, enfj is extraverted feeling type with intuition. same goes for other J/P types. at least that jungs psychological types book(that originated all these types for mbti, keirseys and socionics) doesent list any type as judging or perceiving, types with dominant T or F function are called rational and types with dominant S or N function are called irrational types. keirsey and socionics are the forms of jungian typology that lists types as J is they got dominant J function instead of depending on if you use J function extraverted.
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