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    Pretty solid INTP here. I've had "maybe I'm ISTP" and "maybe I'm ENTP" moments.
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    First time I took the test, I got entj but when I came here the people on the forum downgraded me to entp .

    I am a very sensitive person therefore I often wondered about me being a F-type and I got typed sometimes to be an enfp or esfj. I've read about a dozen descriptions on all types, but despite the entj and entp I cant really identify with any of them, tho I even tried to bend myself and started to look at me from another position to fit the descriptions. The thing is nowadays I think, when you claim to have a decent intellectuality, you are at the same time more sensitive to nuances of life. It's just important how you deal with them: you can be evil and ignorant, forging your way thru life or you can thrive for harmony, being fair. Today I know the latter one is complete bullshit, cause you cant make things right for everyone but I still cling to the thing that I want to treat people fair and objective for the things they are doing. Following the rule "Only a healthy egoist can help others" and therefore I came to the conclusion, I am prolly more of a T.

    I hardly fit any typical type description, entp and entj are most often the closest ones, but they lack in my opinion a lot of detail. An entp type description like "[...] They are always eager and come up with a billion ideas on adaily basis [...]" does give me nothing about the inherited meaning that is being entp. The descriptions often seem to avoid a more humane approach with which I could identify, they rather tell me what I can become in society with this personality and dont help me to better my self in the sole vicinity of my own.

    Well, I've never believed mbti could answer all my questions, I sure hoped it could, but I think in the end you'll never get an answer to this question. At least it helped me to understand myself better and therefore enabled me to understand other people better. Some people can do the latter one right after birth, to me humanity's motivations were always a mystery and till today are still only really rational on rare occasions. But well...

    I am intrested to see what will happen with age to me. I havent quite fully understood what it means to be a J or a P. I think if the only difference would only be that P's are kids and J's are adults, we eventually would all end up being J what I'ld consider an immense loss to our society. Nevertheless with age I've become more of an adult than I ever wanted, even developed a fabolous organisational talent for things and I never knew I had it in me. I dont know if I will call myself one day again entj, I wouldnt rule out the possibility.

    What's for sure tho is that I do not fit any of the S descriptions from my PoV. I dont even identify with the function as it self, since I have a fundamental different way of thinking, which is strongly relation-based and which does make my life very hard for me. It's not easy to survive in a fast-paced business world, if you have a huge communication problem with people from the start and where only a few people you meet sometimes understand what you say right away without a single question.

    I cant safely tell that I am not rather insane than intuitive but for the sake of definition, the description mbti gave me on intuition for the first time in my life made me think that I am not insane and too for the first time in my life made me feel that I am not alone..

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    I've been nothing but this since the day I was born.
    me too

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    INFP (years) --> INFJ (hours) --> INFP (maybe a week) --> ENFP

    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    I've noticed that NJs are often quite certain of their type, no matter what other people say.

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    INFP Hawtness all the way, holistic universal visionary extraordinaire at your service.

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    I always test ENFP. Sometimes INFJ/ENFJ.
    For a bit, I wanted to believe I was an ENFP, but it was never a truth to me. It was just an attempt at negating all of the happy-bunny-rainbow attributes of ENFJs that I cringe at, even if they resonate. Said ENFP thought didn't last too long
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    I have bumped into MBTI once some longer time ago before I really got into it. I didn't really bother with reading function descriptions etc. but only read the functions as their names (which we know are not really that easy as it seems on first look). Plus I was back then less conscious about myself and my inner world; I just started to get more aware of myself back then, and there I was still at the start. I wasn't always honest to myself either always when I took the test, and judged only my outward behaviour.

    So I did that test a few times in some while and came out as INTJ or INTP if I remember correctly. Possibly I had once also INFP back then already, but I am not sure.

    One year later or so I then started to get into MBTI by this forum and had then basically always INFP. I remember only one test where I got at end ISFP, but this test had apparently different results for most people here too if I remember correctly. I didn't change my type once since I am here.

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    Im quite certain growing up i was more ENFP, environmental and chemical imbalances have changed that and a few years ago i consistently tested as INTP, which i KNOW i'm not, i'm so F based it's ridiculous, then started looking more into MBTI and a friend who was very much into it had long discussions about it and we worked out i am an INFP, well, xNFP depending on my mental health.

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    I think it has more to do with being depressed that I feel more T than anything else.

    Edit: I am rethinking this.... I don't know that it is depression, I don't really know what it is. Maybe I am just close on the T/F border...

    Edit(again): Over-thinking this points to T, but I also feel like it needs to be an accurate depiction of myself.(Is that even a feeler thing?) Anyone want to take a stab at typing me from what little I have said?

    Edit(last time): For sure this time, INFP.

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    I got results like intp and intj and others at first but as soon as I got serious I was sure of isxp. Since then I have been off and on between isfp and istp, mostly in isfp land.

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