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Thread: Changes in your MBTI and Enneagram types

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    1. Maybe. Over the course of my life, it seems that Ne and Fi have traded places a few times. My Fi was surely the first to develop, I was a classic IxFP child, but Ne developed way earlier than the auxiliary is supposed to develop (probably around second grade). In mid to late elementary school, I became quite Ne-heavy, but Fi was never abandoned; I have always been a feeler above all else. In seventh grade, I went through a rebellious, intentionally defiant, self-described communist (didn't even fully understand the concept at twelve) phase that could've been interpreted as very ENFP-ish. Was clearly introverted and Fi dominant for eighth and ninth grades, but I met some good friends, and my Ne exploded. Maybe that's the aux development they talk of.

    But no, I don't think I've changed. Just fluctuated and developed.

    2. Not sure. I was actually very, very 9w1-ish as a young child, with a 2 fix. Sometime in third grade, I started feeling that "fundamentally different" 4 thing, and felt deeply upset to have been born abnormal (which I was, and I still consider myself to be happily out-of-sync with others), but some of that is honestly just angst that everyone goes through. 6 fix seemed apparent for a long time, fluctuated between phobic and counterphobic. 6w7 and 9w1 have always been very prevalent. Heart fix seemed to be a fluid 2w3/4w3 thing, but I'm convinced that the 4 was just a product of Fi, 6w7, my mental health issues, bullying, and normal angst.
    So I've always been 2w3, 9w1, and 6w7 of some sort. Order of fixes probably changed.
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    When I was younger I think I was INFJ 1w9
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    1w2, 4w3, 6w7

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    I have always been my type, I just lacked the self-confidance to be what comes natural to me, and instead morphed into what my environment expected me to be.
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    I've only really considered myself ESTJ. I had a short stint where I was an ENTP, but it was for less than six months.

    Regarding enneagram, I've thought I was a 1w2, 3w2, 3w4, 6w5, 6w7, 7w8, 8w7, and 8w9 at various points.

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    I've spent 90% of my life trying not to be the 9w1 of the popular imagination. Even as a consistently overwhelmed child the word "timid" in my direction would incense me, I would do what was necessary in order to make whoever might have referred to me as such eat their words. In truth I was so adverse to these limiting and patronizing characterizations that I have actually developed opposite from archetypal expectations in necessary ways, wishing to push far away as is possible from them.

    Nonetheless, although I didn't figure anything out by myself at all or accept my wing until recently, I at least take in now that I have always been a 9w1.

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    I'm sure that before high school I was ENFP. High school killed my social life and turned me into an INFP (ok joking. But I did turn into an INFP when I went into High School)

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    I've always been pretty 9. Probably more 6-ish during my first year of college when I was super stressed out literally all the time.

    Had you given me the test back in my 14-year-old "dark and pessimistic" phase I'd probably have gotten NF of some kind, probably INFP. The thought of that today just makes me laugh. I'd hate to go back in time and see past-me. I was embarrassing.

    Edit: Obviously this post is not to imply INFPs are embarrassing but that I was (am) embarrassing.
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    Hm.... from what I don't remember...

    Childhood years = IxFx ---> Some time later (7-11yrs?) = INxJ -----> Middle School = INFJ... extremely Beta by the end of 8th grade

    It's way more difficult to guess my type currently... but I'm thinking IxFJ.

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    ENFx when I was younger. Typical perennial mouth idea vomit extrovert with T. S. Hunteresque thirst for adventure. INFx now that I'm older.

    Part of the problem may have been because I was raised in a strict and unhealthy environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    Just curious.

    1. Do you think that you were ever (genuinely) another MBTI type?

    2. Do you ever think that you were ever another enneagram type?
    It is hard to assess these for a couple of reasons.

    Firstly, I don't have very many clear memories of my childhood. I actually don't remember that much of my life before about age 14 - 15, probably because it was very stressful so I've shut it out and over time lost the memories altogether. Which probably isn't a bad thing.

    I don't know if I was ever genuinely another MBTI type, but for a long time I tried to suppress Fe-ish traits as much as possible because I got teased about them at home and was also made a target at high school for being too sensitive. In truth, I have only just begun to start recovering from the depression all this accrued in the last three months - though the low point was probably in 2014 - but have volcanic levels of resentment for many people. For the same reason (in fact probably even more so) Enneatyping myself has been very confusing; the depressive states have distorted my self-perception a lot.

    So as far as MBTI goes, I am gradually coming out of a depression-induced Ni-Ti loop which has troubled me for a very long time. I am developing a strong 3 wing for the same reason. As a child I probably seemed (at least superficially) much more like an INTP 4w5 or even a 5w4 because of the looping.

    Childhood: INxx
    Adolescence (Ni-Ti loop): INxJ
    Now: xNFJ

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