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Thread: How is this MBTI useful to your life?

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    So how do you use yours?
    To evaluate self- I've been going through a lot of interesting life changes throughout the past three years and have had some trouble figuring out what kind of person I am. I've spent much of my life being told my way of doing things is wrong, so I've tried to conform to society's expectations for young people (basically Se gets you attention/friends/laid etc..) but that actually hindered me from understanding myself well.

    Do you type friends and family, if so why?
    Yes I do. I think it has been a key in helping me understand those who are very different from me.

    Is the MBTI a hobby or part of something greater to you?
    It's really just a hobby. I hang around this forum a lot but I don't really use it much during day-to-day interactions.

    What's the best use you've found thus far?
    Typing people I know.

    How do you find the theories measure up against real life?
    They measure up somewhat well- probably even better when combined with other theories such as the Enneagram.

    Do you consider yourself skilled in typing people or are you just observing and making notes?
    I consider myself reasonably skilled in typing people- especially after learning about the functions!
    MBTI Type: iNTj
    Enneagram Type: 3w4 sp/sx

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    MBTI is not a hobby. It's a tool that I've incorporated to an extent into my way of looking at the world.

    I don't think I'm particularly skilled at typing people, but I have fun trying my somewhat educated guesses and then having people take the test.

    I don't put too much importance into descriptions. The more words you use to describe something...the more specific something will be and the harder it will for a whole group of people to identify. Also, MBTI is not about behavior but about cognitive process. "I've developed this and this trait, because of my cognitive process and how it played out with the world and my experiences etc..."

    The best thing I got from it was knowing myself really. Not in relation to others necessarily, but just knowing myself.

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