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Thread: Ptypes Personality Matrice

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    Default Ptypes Personality Matrice


    PTypes Personality Types

    Has anyone seen or heard of this Matrice? Its the first personality matrice which I heard of and read about, before I knew about MBTI and it made the most sense to me at that time.

    It has its own version of self and shadow, for instance vigilant style vs. paranoid type, adventurous type vs. anti-social personality.

    What does anyone think and is it a poor substitute or alternative?

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    Yup I've never seen Oldham's personality styles grouped into temperaments or given shadows. In fact, I was thrown off by the first link, because I didn't know that that particular collection of personality disorders was linked to Oldham in any way.

    In any case, it's neat. It seems similar in philosophy to the Enneagram, in that it deliberately focuses on describing the negative and positive sides of each 'coin.' It's a good approach to personal development, and it seems mostly true/valid by definition; the 'positives' naturally lead to the 'negatives' in unhealthy individuals.

    Also, nere's a test for Oldham types, which may help further discussion.

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    It seems kind of simplistic to divide the temperaments into sanguine, phlegmatic etc solely. It is more complicated than that. I agree with what I read in Eric B's stuff on isfp being phlegmatic sanguine. Having leisurely in traditionalist seems off to me too. Seeing as I am strongly leisurely and not traditionalist.

    There are some interesting individual pages on the site but it seems disorganised as a system.

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