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Thread: walk a mile in your shoes

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    Default walk a mile in your shoes

    Which type is most likely to put themselves in other people's shoes?
    Which type is least likely?
    Just curious.

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    Id say either ISFJs or ENFPs for the first.

    For least likely ESTJs?

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    I *think* I'm really good at putting myself in others shoes, or so I've been told.

    I think T's are more likely to see the situation as it is, comprehending how the parties from both sides might react/feel. I believe that F types might be more inclined to being caught up with their own feelings, by that, I mean that they would react to someone else's disposition they way they would react if it were them, not THAT specific person involved.
    I think F's are good with empathizing. ..

    Just a theory...

    bah I hope that made sense.

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