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Thread: Thread #2: What are surefire characteristics in all types?

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    Default Thread #2: What are surefire characteristics in all types?

    So, lets say i'm out in public, and I'm in a HUGE crowd of people. Each of every type (somehow) is there. Maybe more of some than others.

    What are some surefire characteristics of each type that I can look for?

    For example, maybe one type specifically laughs A LOT (ENFP?!), maybe one type fixes their clothes A LOT.

    What do you think? What do you know?

    Thread #2, go!

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    adj. Informal
    Bound to be successful or perform as expected: a sure-fire solution to the problem.

    No such thing exists, I'm sorry to say. Although a type may identify with 80 or even 90% of traits listed for their type, they rarely identify with 100% of them - with the ill-fitting traits varying person to person. There will always be exceptions somewhere.

    The only sure-fire way is basically tautology - e.g. do they make decisions based on subjectivity/feelings? by definition they're an F. And even there, it's difficult to say based on external observations (or even self-examination!) - and it's rare that people even use the same thought processes in all situation! why do you think there's so much debate about who's what type?
    -end of thread-

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    What a mood killer.

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