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Thread: Explaining Ti to Fi types

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric B View Post
    ... that dictionary definition you gave does touch upon this other meaning of o/s. You just acknowledged "personal" vs "impersonal". Something "personal" is naturally going to have a "subjective" element to it; for the person is a subject, as opposed to some impersonal object.

    There are basically two different levels of subjective/objective. They mean slightly different things, (so you're taking one strict meaning) but nevertheless they do parallel with the same underlying meaning.

    Inasmuch as the symbols "1", "2", "+", and "=" are agreed upon, it can be associated with Te, especially if one's focus in math is simply working with the "formulas" using these symbols to create something. Of course, there is a universal component, in what these symbols represent. We could also represent it as � & � ? ��.

    Still, what we're comparing this to is values and ethics (which are strictly personal), and next to this, math (in either its human or universal form) is focused on impersonal objects.

    So again; there are different levels of objective and subjective. Te will be the most objective of the judging functions, Fi will be the most subjective, and Ti and Fe are in between.

    O/S can be extended to all the functions as follows:

    Objective processing=Perception (P)
    Subjective processing=Judgment (J)
    Objective data=concreteness (S) or logic (T)
    Subjective data=abstractness (N) or value (F)
    Objective source=external (E)
    Subjective source=internal (I)

    N likewise uses a personal element in conceptualizing reality, and J is of course our own decision making rather than involuntary taking in of information as it is.

    The eight functions are then expressed as:

    Objective processing of Objective data from Objective source (OOO): Se
    Objective processing of Objective data from Subjective source (OOS): Si
    Objective processing of Subjective data from Objective source (OSO): Ne
    Objective processing of Subjective data from Subjective source (OSS): Ni
    Subjective processing of Objective data from Objective source (SOO): Te
    Subjective processing of Objective data from Subjective source (SOS): Ti
    Subjective processing of Subjective data from Objective source (SSO): Fe
    Subjective processing of Subjective data from Subjective source (SSS): Fi

    I first began putting together this when trying to figure out why S+T always yielded a "directive" type. (N+J is easier to figure, because Ni will be more directive than Ne). It turns out, both S and T deal more with "facts", which is more "objective". Hence, this total "fact" processing will yield more "directive" behavior. The personal factor is taken into consideration the least. And the type most embodying this would be ESTJ, hence their rising to the top of the power structure (even moreso than ENTJ, usually!)
    Eric, this is exactly what I was talking about. Seems like we're largely on the same page. The one thing I hadn't thought of was the Judging functions being subjective and the Perceiving functions being objective, but I can see where you're coming from; makes for a nice 2x2x2, 8-part labeling system for all the functions too -- pretty interesting...

    I'll still have to ponder it a bit more before I can fully accept it (read: Ni model enhancement moves cautiously, and takes its time).

    Cool to see that we were picking at the same issue, though.

    I guess Ti and Ni can get along...

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