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Thread: What is the real distinction?

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    Default What is the real distinction?

    I need to know--what is the real distinction between the introverted intuitive types? Why do so many say they are INXJ or INXP (or even INXX?) I have been reading several forums on this topic for years, and the answers are always vague or slight.

    I have been calling myself INFJ for years and I am so used to it, I don't think I could change very easily now. But everyone who tries to type me says I am INTJ or INTP--This makes sense, since I can almost always point out errors of logic or contradictions--I hate contradictions. I can spot them better than anyone else I know personally. I am not at all known to let my emotions get in the way of my clear thinking. But... nevertheless, one or two people in this world get to hear me whine "nobody likes me" day in and day out. I love research, but can't make a simple pot of coffee. I don't consider myself good with people or children, but I love to kiss, cuddle, and baby talk to animals and little kids that I know extremely well. I have a deep appreciation for beauty and art and have been known to do things during moments of inspiration that I probably will never be able to do again. I am very good with languages and have good writing skills. I hate science fiction. So what is the real scoop? Someone convince me forever that I am INFJ 4w5 so I don't have to change my email address.

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    I've known both an INTJ and an INFJ very well, and I will tell you something. It would have been difficult for me to tell the difference between their types when I first met them, particularly because this INTJ had developed his Fi.

    INFJs naturally tend to see the world in a web of relationships. My INFJ friend once told me, "when I'm in a relationship, I'm constantly thinking about what role I'm playing and whether or not I like that role." "Boyfriend," "girlfriend," "fiance," "husband," "wife." Those words have significances and meanings to an INFJ that an INTJ would not be so concerned with. In fact, I heard the INTJ I knew referring to a longtime girlfriend of his as a "significant other." I think many INFJs would be bothered by something like that, as they want to be "properly placed" in the web of relationships.

    And I think INTJs are less bothered by errors of logic than INTPs. That characteristic is often related to Ti. INTJs are probably more bothered by efficiency. xxTJ is concerned with managing life through impersonal standards. xxTP is concerned with understanding systems.

    What makes you think you're NF? Are relationships and identity important to you?

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    Hmm, I don't strike you as NF do I?

    I don't know how to answer that question precisely either because I am not sure what comes "naturally" and what is a product of my upbringing. I think the sense of "roles" that nags me at times is really the voice of my mother and not my own voice. I have always been fairly good at burning bridges, although lately I have found myself wanting to reconnect with old acquaintances or to hold on to current acquaintances more than in my younger years. Again, this may be a product of my upbringing, since we moved a lot and I was never in one place long enough to make lasting friendships. However I can say that identity has been important to me throughout my life.

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    The difference between INJs and INPs is that in MBTI/jungian theory INJs lead with Ni, and INPs have secondary Ne. It's the difference between intuition types. As for T/F, that difference is obvious. For a simple rundown on the functions this page is a good place to start; it helped me get a feel for them when I first started studying them. Cognitive Processes

    Other differences are their interaction styles. INJs are chart the course, INPs are behind the scenes. That's also on that site. And you also have the J/P differences.
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    You could be INFJ still, I think.. You're still a 4w5, so that might get in the way of connecting easily (or rather, it will). Despite that, you still sound less impersonal than INTJ.

    Just my two cents.. I don't know any of either type up close.. but I think I'm an E4 at least.

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