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Thread: Calm/Limbic != Introvert/Extrovert

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    Default Calm/Limbic != Introvert/Extrovert

    Below, an argument is made by yours truly that calm people ought not to be necessarily identified as introverts; the same applies to limbic personalities and extroverts. SLOAN acknowledges this, while the MBTI does not. In typing in the field, body language, word selection, and interactive style can tell us a lot more than merely whether a person has an animated style or not. Here's what's up:
    [YOUTUBE="fXfXmudMGaU"]Calm & Limbic[/YOUTUBE]

    Referenced videos:

    Richard Dawkins and Steven Weinberg; INTJ, ENTJ

    Dick Cheney on CNN; Extroverted behavior from a calm, yet aggressive Cheney, probably ENTJ

    Dawkins, O'Reilly; INTJ, ESTJ

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    Calm/Limbic corresponds to the factor of Neuroticism, not Extraversion. So I don't know who would have ever said limbic is extravert; calm is introvert.
    In the MBTI's special extension called the Type Differentiation Indicator, an additional factor called Comfort/Discomfort was added to correspond to that.
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    Eric, thanks for the response. There's an old thread where several participants implicitly defined the difference between ENTJs and INTJs in terms of whether an individual has a balanced or unbalanced personality, which for the reasons demonstrated above, cannot be a reliable criterion.

    This is not the first time this kind of confusion has popped up; many MBTI type profiles often assume it.

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    Huh. Welp, yeah, lots of studies have shown the factors that actually are correlated. Calm/limbic and introversion/extroversion aren't.

    It's also not correlated with MBTI's thinking/feeling. Which is another thing that people tend to forget, I guess.

    See also: the link that I share a lot when this subject comes up

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