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Thread: Identical Types Amongst Siblings and/or Offspring?

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    Sorry to necro a thread, but another thread here on the Olsen twins reminded me of this, and a search brought me here.

    A guy I know with a phd in psych is seriously into MBTI, and I think that's been a lot of his focus. He told me once that identical twins separated at birth (and often raised in drastically different environments) test exactly the same on MBTI. He said there's less variance in the MBTI results between separated identical twins than there is with the same person taking the test twice.

    Of course, I can't seem to dig up anything on this. I'm going to ask him for his source next time I see him.
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    Just the other day, I was reading an article about two identical twin boys who were raised the same, but turned out to be completely different from each other. One was very feminine, only was friends with girls, and played with dolls and stuff like that. His brother was more like a typical rough-housing boy who liked sports. The second boy was born a pound heavier, so maybe it's a case of him getting more testosterone somehow while in the womb. Even they though were identical twins and raised by the same family in the same way, it seems that they were not subject to the same exact same kind of development while in the womb.

    There's a lot that we're still trying to figure out about how this happens.

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    My mother is an ISFJ, the brother next to me is ENFJ, and the youngest brother is ESTP.

    So in terms of NF, NT, SJ, and SP, my youngest brother and I belong to the SP group.

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